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  1. That’s what I meant. That it doesn’t require active Plus subscription, unlike other free for Plus games.
  2. Not in this case.
  3. Got it! It shows as purchased without needing an active PS Plus subscription in the Game Library.
  4. You can transfer the save multiple times, so it’s not a one-time thing.
  5. Can you explain how were you able to play on 100 different dates before playing on 50?
  6. They do, you just can’t hide them on the PS5 itself.
  7. You can hide PS3 trophy lists only on PS3, PS4, or Vita. There’s no option to hide it from the PS5 nor any other platform. It’s due to a technicality that you can only hide the game from the game activity in your profile, which hides the trophy list as well.
  8. Quite honestly, it’s just now my lowest expectation right now. In context of what happened before the servers were once again shut down (it’s documented on Twitter under #SaveLBP), it’s likely the developers would have to rebuild the server in a way where the perpetrators will no longer be able to attack the servers, otherwise the game environment will keep being quite unsafe for the players. The rebuild can be quite expensive for a game that’s past the release cycle. (You can’t even purchase the game on the PlayStation 5 itself, you’d have to purchase it through the web store.) There’s also so many times developers can keep rebuilding the servers until they finally pull the plug and finally close them down. Sure, the official response is that the shut down is temporary, but I wouldn’t keep my expectations very high. Except for the Vita version, which has its own separate servers and was affected by the attacks as well. The access keys for both of the servers have been leaked now. There are a few games that are on PlayStation Now and have their servers closed, for example The Last of Us (PS3) and Demon’s Souls (PS3 version, it’s on Japanese PS Now).
  9. Well, the servers have been hacked and shut down again. It’s more than likely it’s now permanent, even though they still say they’re ‘working on a fix.’
  10. That’s quite interesting, because when you look at the legal disclaimer in the store page of one of the add-ons, you can read the following: That means the DLC is meant to be game-shareable and in fact, you might be able to ask for refund because of that (faulty content). That being said, I see no incentive for Codemasters to fix this unless Sony Entertainment threatens them enough for them to do so.
  11. I don’t have any other PS5 games with DLC to test this on. However, Destiny 2 on PS5 has DLC that is game shareable. So, a deliberate decision then. Oh well, I should’ve known better. Thanks anyway. (“If the situation changes…” Spoiler alert: It won’t, ever.)
  12. A new patch has been released (4.003) and it’s still not possible to access the additional content offline or through another user. Something’s telling me the decision was deliberate.
  13. For now the Codemasters Customer Service support says it’s a bug and that they’re ‘working on bugs that can be found by testers.’ However, if more people report this problem, there’s a higher chance it’ll get a fix sooner. Also, try disconnecting your PS5 from the Internet (either physically or from the Network menu) and see if you can access the add-ons even from the Canadian account (account where you bought the pack from). This problem might be related.
  14. We can be only hopeful this time. We can only hope Codemasters will make the add-ons playable even without the Internet connection, which could probably also enable game sharing between the users. I’ve tried to work around this issue (by having two accounts simultaneously logged in and by switching users in the intro screen) but even then it won’t enable access to the content…
  15. So, they’ve sent me a response: