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  1. All of those trophies should’ve been unlocked when transferring the save file. Try uploading and downloading the save file again, and if that doesn’t work then: Back up your PS4 save data to the cloud or to a USB stick. Delete the save data from the console. Complete the mandatory introductory race from the career and then earn those trophies one-by-one. (Once the requirements for one trophy is fulfilled, transfer the save data.)
  2. I am posting here on a separate topic for everyone who missed this. You can now transfer your save data from the PS4 version to the PS5 version, which will also automatically unlock the trophies. You can’t transfer from PS5 to PS4. The feature can be found in the ‘Profile’ (options button) > ‘Settings’ > ‘Save Data Upload’ (PS4)/‘Save Data Download’ (PS5) menu option. Update: Mile tracking related trophies won’t unlock after when the save is transferred, affecting ‘Spare Some Change for Gas?’, and the DLC trophies: ‘Full Charge’, ‘The Duke’, ‘Travelling in Style,’ and ‘Wasteland Warrior.’ Here’s a possible workaround.
  3. Not possible, sorry.
  4. If you have the ‘trial version,’ you can’t access the PS5 upgrade either. The only purpose of the save cloud transfer is to transfer progress to the PS5 version, you can’t use it as the replacement for the PS Plus Cloud.
  5. Nope, you can use the Playground levels to unlock the trophy. The Playground doesn’t require you to own the DLC to play a Playground level that has the DLC car. I should’ve clarified it in the workaround. I am in this exact same situation and I even have considered purchasing the game once again on my main before I found out they later added the save transfer feature and found the workaround. Although you won’t be able to play the DLC vehicle in other game modes of the PS5 version of the game, you will still be able to play it as long as it’s been chosen for the Playground level. Certainly better than mine.
  6. Your user page now says “Soon.” which means you should be back on there the next time the site updates the leaderboards.
  7. You need to earn an another trophy for the site to detect it.
  8. They aren’t, however you can easily unlock it after transferring the save file by using a workaround.
  9. Do you have a PS5 or PS4? You can hide PS3 games only on PS4 (not PS5), PS3, or PS Vita. Moderators nor anyone else from the staff can hide the games for you.
  10. It has certainly worked for me at least, including the DLC trophies.
  11. I hate that I have expected that because I had also secretly hoped they’d restore it all, but I guess we’d be asking for too much due to the technicalities. Oh well, at least the PS4 version of LBP3 is still alive, which is good news, for now.
  12. I have a game that has changed its name a few years after it was released everywhere: on the store pages and on the console’s dashboard as well. However, the name on the trophy list is still intact. How does PSNProfiles usually handle cases like this? (The game has added a suffix to its name after an update which made it consistent with the name the game was released under in every other platform.)
  13. Yes, that’s what I tried to say: Finish any track in any mode to unlock Spare Some Change for Gas? (as long as you’ve driven at least a thousand miles in total) Finish any track in any mode (including Playground) with the respective DLC car to unlock the respective DLC trophies related to driving 30 miles with a specific car. (You don’t need to own the DLC to play a Playground level with a DLC car.) It still doesn’t auto-unlock upon transferring the save file.
  14. No, it’s not. Only from PS4 to PS5.
  15. Even if you manage to get it work, which I hope you will and I wish you good luck with that, there’s still an another concern: wouldn’t this get you flagged and removed from the leaderboards?
  16. You can only see who’s viewed your forum profile, as long as you’ve enabled that feature in the forum settings.
  17. The account is judged here, not the person behind it. Unfortunately, the account now has hacked trophies on the list and all you can do is start over on a new account.
  18. Yes, it has all the DLCs, including the Amplified upgrade, except for two cars that aren’t tied to the trophy list. However, you might have to add some of them to the library right after you purchase it. Also, if you want to play the PS5 version, note that you should purchase it on the account where you want to earn trophies on if you want to 100% the game and want to avoid the hassle of going through workarounds.
  19. Have you tried sending them an e-mail? It can be found in their ‘Contact Us’ page.
  20. Right now, the only workaround I can think of in this case is to play Playground levels that use DLC cars. It should unlock the trophy right after crossing the finish line. If that doesn’t work, then it’s possible you might have to delete the save data and redo it again. Update for anyone reading this: It won’t unlock after save transfer, even with the latest patch (5.02), but will after completing any Playground level with that car. No need to delete save data.
  21. Because I was able to unlock one random trophy since I am starting from the beginning. And it appears that you’re correct, the mile tracking is broken. Hope Codemasters will fix that in the next patch, since they’ve bothered to add save transfer at all, after initially saying it won’t be supported.
  22. Ouch, that doesn’t sound great and you’re not the first person to report this. I hope Codemasters will be more competent enough to fix this bug though since they bothered to add a save transfer feature. There’s a chance they’ve just messed up the logic and they demand a car to be driven exactly 30 miles (or 48 280.3 metres since that’s what they store in the save file)
  23. I’d assume all trophies, since a DLC trophy has unlocked just fine for me.
  24. Good news everyone! The new 5.00 update has added a new save transfer feature, which also automatically unlocks trophies, including DLC ones. Since DLC sharing works on the PS4 version, this will let you unlock them on PS5 as well. I was alerted of this by someone in the messages, and it’s unfortunate it’s been only reduced to a footnote in the release notes. Save transfer/auto-pop works from PS4 to PS5 only.
  25. Anyway, if anyone was wondering whether they’ve fixed it in the 5.00 update that was released, or if the new DLC pack is game-shareable: Of course it is not. It wouldn’t be Codemasters if they didn’t demand that every user has to pay for their DLC. Update: Trophies can be unlocked by data transfer. It all has to do with the account/disc region. (Title ID to be specific.) In their case, Britain and Germany are in the same region so it should open the store page as normal. Because you have an Australian account, you’d have to get a copy of the game with the Title ID of PPSA01551, whether disc or digital. In some countries, the game and DLC is not available at all, making 100% for them completely unobtainable.