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  1. My game also started to “load” indefinitely after I had finished the Basto DLC story. I finished the story, game boots me to the main menu, I try to “continue” and ever since I’ve been unable to play the game. I only had one trophy left, so now imma have to start up a new game and try to speedrun through it to unlock the Basto area and collect that one trophy. Shame this issue still persists, sucks imma have to give up my 100% file just like that, but the game hardlocked me endlessly so. edit: when I go to start a new game, I see there’s an option to enable post game feature, was able to get my trophy within 2 minutes. Saved me an hour or so, thought I had to beat the game again to unlock access to the dlc zone.
  2. The Last of Us Part I - photo comparisons of TLoU Remastered and Remake
  3. The Last of Us Part I - Infected
  4. The Last of Us Part I
  5. Damn, I had just gotten the plat for TLoU 2, I should’ve taken a look at these threads beforehand, could’ve stumbled upon this spreadsheet. I still took a glance at your sheet, it looks pretty solid. I’m actually forming my own list for safe codes during my current Grounded + Permadeath run, just in the case that I replay this game, I can pull up my list, instead of looking at collectibles for the combination, exploring the game’s environment for clues, or even when I’m lazy to look it up online. Anyways, great spreadsheet, wish I’d see more of these from others for other games with collectibles.
  6. Even with that knowledge in mind, I still don’t rush to the flute in confidence, here and then I find them spawning the flute in a very specific spot. I hate when inside the caves and they spawn the flute above you, as well as when inside the tunnel and the flute can spawn atop outside. I could find the flute no issue with audio, but now I swear I hear to the direction the audio is coming from, but it then sounds like it’s coming elsewhere. Usually even with the flute buff I can manage on my own, but too many times I had lost a game due to teammates dying to the disgusting buff damage, and even if I manage to spam finishers, eventually demon will possess me and force me out of the wave. Pain.
  7. No wonder I’ve lately been running farther out for the flute skeleton. I prefer Hunters so usually I try to quickly shoot down the flute unless they’re hidden pretty well. Lately I’ve been struggling in finding the source of the flute based off sound, can’t tell if this is a newly apparent issue, cause before I could track them down no issue. Doesn’t help that when my fear reaches its cap, you got noise in the background that is distracting due to muffling and other sounds ongoing. I don’t main Necromancer, I solely main Puppeteer, so the stuff I do know about Necromancer is what I’ve observed and taken mental note of when I get him as a demon to fight against.
  8. To think I spent over 20 minutes in that room solely, and I completely missed that. Thanks for catching that and catching it on video.
  9. I think the distance of how far the skeleton flute can be and still buff the enemies is still 40 yards, so with that info in mind it’s easy to just circle around if you can’t hear it. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to hear if your fear reached max limit. Even if I don’t hear the flute, if I see enemies buffed with their red aura on their head, I know the flute is maybe at exactly 40 yards away in some direction. If you wanna protect your skeleton flute even more, you could try placing them inside a building on a second floor, and put traps before them. It’s easy to bypass that if you got a survivor who is playing Ed with their ability to disarm traps. Otherwise yeah, if not too much is going on in the sound department, players can easily distinguish where the flute is. Though too many times I’ve had survivors who apparently didn’t hear it, so enemies would be buffed and take them out within seconds.
  10. Right now demons got buffed, and survivors got nerfed in the aspect of how now you really need to stick together, unlike before where you could manage on your own, depending on who you played as, and how good the demon is. Even AoD Ash who could manage pretty well on his own, now might need to stick with the survivors. But even before this new patch, it was always a matter of luck when it came to the team formation of survivors. A good demon can be hard to fight off, yeah. So it’s a good time to get demon wins for people who ain’t got em. Puppeteer I feel a lot of players don’t know how to main well, and that’s my main as Demon. I actually got a 32 win streak as demon cause of Puppeteer, through I do have to add, I did use that cancel animation exploit some few times, though I mainly used it when I had survivors using it on me. I’m so glad they got rid of that exploit as quickly as they did, it was getting egregious. When I used it against people who abused it on me, I felt really bad for abusing it too. That exploit was beyond disgusting. Even people who didn’t main Puppeteer could easily win as him with the exploit via his Thunderstruck spams. I already got the plat awhile ago, but I gotta say I did nothing but play demon to get to rank 50, easily the fastest way to rank up. I’m just now on my 60s, and yeah, it’s quite the grind. Dunno if the game will get DLC trophies, but I adore the game, I try to play it daily if I can.
  11. Am overly enjoying it, but am despising how buggy it is for me, like how I gotta restart the game everytime I’m done with a match, game throws me into a never-ending loading screen, so I never get sent back to Elysium (hub area) or be able to queue into another match. Game feels like a combination of Fornite + Hyperscape. But just like Hyperscape, dunno if this game will manage to sustain itself with a lively player base. Overall this game is fun, and it might keep me amused until a game like Deathverse or Gundam Evolution comes out later this year. Also, was funny seeing how devs for this game had hoped Bloodlines 2 was gonna be out already before Bloodhunt, so, so much for that.
  12. Have the trophies been fixed to trigger properly? Saw on Twitter that the game got patched by the team who ported Nun Massacre to consoles, but I’ve yet to see anyone confirm if trophies have been addressed and that they now unlock when they should.
  13. I haven’t noticed it myself, but I’ve seen complaints from the Apex community about how the audio is worse on this current gen (PS5) upgrade. On PS4 the audio was already pretty iffy, and I can attest to that, along hundreds of other players.
  14. On PS5, the game froze on me over 2 dozen times, on the chapter “The Burial” alone, I had to restart the application for the game 21 times. Took me over 2 hours to beat that chapter due to the constant stuttering and hard freezing. That’s the only chapter where the game was unbearably unstable for me. Later on game did freeze on me still, but it wasn’t as bad as that one chapter session. Did manage to beat the game, but the freezing definitely affected my game experience by a whole lot.
  15. Saw GmanLives cover this game years ago, and he just did another review of it for the remaster. I still haven’t played all of NightDive’s remasters, but I’ve been buying them all to support their work. I didn’t know they were working on this one until I saw the game go live on PSN Store. I’m still hoping the Blood remaster from them comes to consoles, but it’s delighting to see them bring lesser known games like this back from the grave. I’ll try to play this and Shadow Man Remastered very soon. Like GmanLives said in the video for the remaster for PowerSlave, I hope NightDive remasters the Alien Trilogy on PS1.