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  1. A game I really want to get remastered onto the PS4 is L.A. Noire. My god, how amazing that would be <3 That game also has one of the best DLC I've played

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    2. DocVoltacon


      I got to agreed with Tortuga plus why I need to spend more of my money on an game from last gen to the new one If It was an PS game yeah I dont mind.

    3. madbuk


      ^ You don't need to, it's a nice choice for people who either missed it last gen or loved it and would like to replay it - what better way than with more trophies, high resolution, and other benefits?

    4. Flop


      Well, that's what you want. All I want is a favorite game of mine to be remastered onto a better-quality game that's been upgraded, lol And I myself want specific games to be remastered, so I am on board with the remastering of last-gen games that could reach out to people who never got to play them beforehand, or simply for these games to be produced for people who want a better ver. of a game