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  1. George A. Romero has passed away :( Man, very unexpected. Was so excitedly looking forward to his new movie about a racing movie with zombies

    1. KingGuy420


      That's rough. He basically single handedly created one of the biggest things in pop culture. I don't think there's anyone who had their life's worked ripped off anymore then that guy. He was an icon.

    2. SaltyCatRemi


      This news made me sad

    3. Sigma999


      Life is simply unfair . Don't you think ?

  2. "I can't get laid in Germany"!
  3. OneyPlays, TheSw1tcher, Dead Meat, Brave Wilderness, VideoGameDunkey, skylenox, theneedledrop, STiP0, yung maestro, Tyrone Magnus, Censored Gaming, Criken2, BedBananas, 2MGoverCsquared, Mr Sark, Lee Hardcastle, Casey Neistat, Sean Tucker, aaaand Peter McKinnon. Yeah, my preferable content is video-games. I'm either watching video-game stuff, or photography stuff when on YouTube.
  4. Jamaican Queens - Downers I can never NOT think of Pacman everytime I look at the album cover, lol I love the album though, one of my favorite music albums of all time.
  5. Demon's Souls I get so lazy with that game in terms of trophies. Never got the motivation to go after the trophies I got left to collect. I don't even find the game that hard, it's just... "ehhhh". I can see myself getting every plat for other Souls games, but this one? I honestly can't see myself getting the plat. Can't get used to how slow this game is compared to other games now. Other games have spoiled me. Maybe one day I'll get the motivation to do so, I sure hope so. Props to you stacking 3 plats from the game!
  6. Haven't played video-games for a month now, and ain't likely to play any for another month, yipee 😥 withdrawal symptoms have started to show lol this is where I regret not having any form of handheld consoles while being away from my home for this long 

    1. Atlas



    2. Ruhkillmeez


      YEAH, WHERE? Best chance is to snatch one online, actually got interested in looking for some here in Puerto Rico, aaaand no luck. All are sold out, and not expected to be in stock for awhile due to high demand, just like elsewhere. Only bothering to get a Switch so that I can play with one while I travel via airplanes, I despise flying, so boring. And I've seen articles of people saying they're having a blast with the Switch when traveling, so I want some of that action, lol eh, I guess the Vita would settle if I really wanted that tho

    3. Galactic Balls

      Galactic Balls

      I got a vita for the road trips, when you jump back you'll be in the groove

  7. Scary how a Death Grips song can be mashed up to any song and manage to sound "all right" at the least, what the hell lol
  8. My favorite songs from the 80's, am a fanatic when it comes to 80's music. When it comes to movies, music, clothing style, yeah, am a fanatic of the 80's.
  9. Killzone Hyperdimension Neptunia Pokemon Dragon Age Little Big Planet The Elder Scrolls Minecraft The Sims Skylanders Angry Birds
  10. Honestly had no idea "Tears For Fears" made covers for song like these found other songs that they covered too, songs that are still only a few years old now