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  1. Only own the Vita version, plan to play the PS4 ver. after I 100% complete the Vita ver., but for the real Tokugawa to appear, you have to defeat the fake Tokugawa with Yukimura, and instead of the level ending and receiving a score right after, you’ll be redirected to go further up into the level and then you’ll be facing the very final boss, who is the real Tokugawa, and after you defeat him, you get the level score for beating it and that’s it. With the other two characters, my game would end after defeating the first/fake Tokugawa.
  2. Damn, seems that Night Trap on Vita is bugged, which I guess ain't much of a surprise, but now i can't trigger any actual endings, other than the bad ones which are basically failure states that you can trigger throughout the game. And the game runs inconsistently so too, it's up to the game at times whether it feels that it will let you trap an enemy or not. Was pondering myself why no one had gotten the trophies for getting the perfect ending, or getting to the end but missing some enemies, now I know why. No idea if the game will always have an unobtainable plat or not on the Vita. And the game seemed best to be played on the Vita, to me at least, shame. 

    1. Spaz


      Night Trap is a rather old game, relatively obscure. I'm surprised it even got a retouching and a trophy list.


      You can try it on the PS4. That's what I like about some games being multi platform.

    2. Ruhkillmeez


      Yeah, already got it on PS4 last night. Before I got it on PS4, I had it on Switch as well, and it was my first time playing the game, so I went there and see if I could beat it no issue since I literally cannot beat it on the Vita. Beat it on Switch first try, with almost a perfect ending score too, had no issues like the inconsistent ones on the Vita. I already memorized nearly everything there is to know know since I tried to beat it so many times on the the Vita.

      Got it on PS4 now and am going for its trophies there, I really actually like the game a whole bunch. Shame about the Vita bug or whatever it is, even if I didn’t care about trophies, you still cannot beat the game there, so that blows for any Vita owner in general. And the Vita is the only physical version I own for the game too, got the limited edition from Limited Run Games. 

    3. Hemiak


      I remember when I was young being able to rent a Sega CD, and Night Trap was one of the games we could get. 


      My favorite though was a rail shooter called Sewer Shark. That game was badass. 

  3. Anyone knows where I could get a new 500 GB PS3 online? I had one on my wishlist, it was a 500 GB white super slim PS3, the one with the disc tray, but they sold out awhile ago as I figured they would, I checked back on it today, last I checked there were only 3 left remaining. Now there’s only ones that are used, and they’re even more expensive, when I saw some as “new” awhile ago, they were under $200. I should’ve ordered one back then, but oh well. 

  4. Anyone that needs more cyberpunk games in their life should get "Ruiner", saw that it's on sale in the PSN Holiday Sale, it's $10. Game's pretty rad, and the game's aesthetics, MHMMMM. Only thing I wish the game had is a more challenging difficulty. 

  5. 1. "Killer 7" remastered on current-gen consoles. 2. "Dead Rising" on Switch damn it. I never ask for ports on Switch, but I need that game on the Switch. And no, not the "Chop Till You Drop" version.
  6. "The Almighty Flops". It's a tradition of mine to give my characters or characters I'm paired with via games the name "Flop" in some way or another, just like how my horse is called "Flip", and my online character is called "Flop". Anyways, I'm actually shocked knowing that people joined my posse knowing that's the name of it. It's with great gratitude that I get to be a flop in whatever games I can be one, even in ones themed in the Old West.
  7. Valkyria Chronicles 4
  8. Looks pretty easy honestly. Already some of the trophies made me chuckle, like the one referring to Toki’s coughing fit, and Kenshiro eyeing Xsana for 3 minutes straight and the trophy title referencing to Yuria, that we’re not to forget about her lol am admittedly taken aback that there’s no trophy requiring you to complete 100% of achievements, but eh. Don’t look forward to retrieving 1000 items from the Wasteland, the Wasteland via the driving sections just doesn’t appeal to me, so that’s probably the only trophy I don’t look forward to going after. Though it seems it won’t be as bland as I think it might be seeing as how there’s mini games to find out there. Wonder if we’re getting “Original Mode”, don’t see that being referenced in the trophy list, other than the “EXTRA HARD” difficulty. Don’t even know if that has even gotten released in Japan, but I heard awhile ago that the mode was an incoming free DLC. Seriously sounds awesome to fight bosses who you will appropriately fight based on how strong they were in the manga. Would make fighting characters such as Thouzer/Southern very interesting.
  9. How does this thread showcase that he enjoys nothing but attaining trophies in his life? This is a site regarding Playstation trophies, and the OP posted this topic that is a conversation about the current state of Trophy/Achievement hunting in a, YOU GUESSED IT, a forum thread regarding Playstation trophies/trophy hunting. You're looking into something else that has nothing to do with a conversation that the OP is trying to have members of this site engage in. Due to responses like that, a lot of you folks here in the forums have me think and make me want to wish that trophies/achievements were never a thing, that they should have never been implemented, or, due to them currently existing, that they should go and cease to exist. Going back to the "days of gaming with no trophies" is honestly an intermittent statement. Back then, yeah, we had no trophies/achievements, but games still had instated forms of systems that offered challenges for players, be it meeting criteria of completion via simple stats, or a system in which you were rewarded with in-game medals, or of that sort. We still see such applicable features exist in games today, only now trophies/achievements can be part of such system, or replace the system as a whole in some instances even. Hell, we don't need games to create a system for us to partake in, we can make up our very own if need be, be it via our own very visualization, or have it be put in some other type of effect. You say that the OP must be on "some heavy drugs", or that he might just be "incredibly dumb" based off some inconclusive "statement" from some other user? You're dismissing the arguments/beliefs that the OP made in this thread that he took out of his time to write down and try to analyze with the community of this site. I'd go and think that maybe you've seen the OP's opinions regarding his views on Naughty Dog, but all I see is you assuming that the OP must be dense or delusional based on someone else's "statement". Why should we go back "to the days of gaming with no trophies", as you put it? Well, you didn't really put it in any way, you just "suggested" that with no exact or real superior reasoning as to why we should. Why do you suggest that we should go back to when trophies were non-existent in games? The same question of mine goes for why do you suggest that should he not worry about trophies. Why should he go and do that? At least the OP stated why he believes the way he thinks about the state of trophy/achievements hunting via his own knowledge. Y'all's responses are wack.