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  1. How does this thread showcase that he enjoys nothing but attaining trophies in his life? This is a site regarding Playstation trophies, and the OP posted this topic that is a conversation about the current state of Trophy/Achievement hunting in a, YOU GUESSED IT, a forum thread regarding Playstation trophies/trophy hunting. You're looking into something else that has nothing to do with a conversation that the OP is trying to have members of this site engage in. Due to responses like that, a lot of you folks here in the forums have me think and make me want to wish that trophies/achievements were never a thing, that they should have never been implemented, or, due to them currently existing, that they should go and cease to exist. Going back to the "days of gaming with no trophies" is honestly an intermittent statement. Back then, yeah, we had no trophies/achievements, but games still had instated forms of systems that offered challenges for players, be it meeting criteria of completion via simple stats, or a system in which you were rewarded with in-game medals, or of that sort. We still see such applicable features exist in games today, only now trophies/achievements can be part of such system, or replace the system as a whole in some instances even. Hell, we don't need games to create a system for us to partake in, we can make up our very own if need be, be it via our own very visualization, or have it be put in some other type of effect. You say that the OP must be on "some heavy drugs", or that he might just be "incredibly dumb" based off some inconclusive "statement" from some other user? You're dismissing the arguments/beliefs that the OP made in this thread that he took out of his time to write down and try to analyze with the community of this site. I'd go and think that maybe you've seen the OP's opinions regarding his views on Naughty Dog, but all I see is you assuming that the OP must be dense or delusional based on someone else's "statement". Why should we go back "to the days of gaming with no trophies", as you put it? Well, you didn't really put it in any way, you just "suggested" that with no exact or real superior reasoning as to why we should. Why do you suggest that we should go back to when trophies were non-existent in games? The same question of mine goes for why do you suggest that should he not worry about trophies. Why should he go and do that? At least the OP stated why he believes the way he thinks about the state of trophy/achievements hunting via his own knowledge. Y'all's responses are wack.
  2. Been taking a gander at this thread, and have seen people get what they need after they shared their complaints, so I reckon I should do the same. Currently, I'm clocked at 390 hours, and am in need of 6 more crowns, maybe 5 now, I saw that someone got the platinum even though they still were missing Jho's crowns, I only got a Giant gold crown for Jho. Current monsters I've got my focus locked on is Uragaan, need his Giant gold crown, and... the piece of garbage just won't drop it. I thought it wouldn't be so bad, cause you can get to him immediately on Elder's Recess, rather than having to wait for a monster like Rathian to pop up, which you can only make happen by killing one monster before she finally decides to come onto the map. I guess 4 or 5 monsters cannot be on the same map all at once, only 3 can, only once you rid of one, another will come in into the map. Anyways, I can get to Uragaan immediately, and even if he digs himself into the ground, I know where he'll come out of, and I can jump on him. If he's not a giant, even though I honestly can't tell what's the appropriate size he has to be at for him to drop his giant gold crown, I'll just abandon the quest and go back to camp. Or, if I do decide to kill/capture him as I am to believe that he'll drop a crown, I just leave the quest and return to HQ, so that I can get what he has, rather than having to slay all other monsters to fully complete the quest. So I've been doing that, the process can be pretty quick. Have done it over 30 times now, and Uragaan has yet to drop a crown... Been tryna do the event via other people's quests, but no luck over there neither. This is killing me, I have better luck encountering a giant Lavasioth than I do when it comes to spotting a giant Uragaan, it seems. Frustrating, but I'm still going at it. First time something in the game has gotten tiring for me, and I've nearly clocked in 400 hours in-game. Hope this thread comes and does me a gracious favor lol
  3. Never noticed the baby's cries that can be heard throughout the track when this track started playing in the background during the graveyard segment. Makes the track more powerful to bear through when you take Max's memories into context when listening to it. Tracks like "Dead" set in the Max Payne 3 OST is why I come back and listen to the whole album all over again. If by any miracle we get another 'Manhunt' game, I hope Health composes the whole OST for the game.
  4. Eyo Simon, welcome to the forums. I myself also dread going after online trophies, but I don't gotta worry about the states of servers in multiplayer games over here, I just ain't fond of certain online trophies, haha. I also won't really go out of my way to get and showcase a 100% completion rate on my trophy profile, but I do try to go for the games that I genuinely enjoy. Hope you enjoy being a member of this site, I myself get motivated to tidy up my profile cause of the community here.
  5. Anyone know of any good video-game OST albums that can be found on Spotify? 

    1. Dav9834


      Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy


      TPR versions of a lottt of different series. Highly recommended


    2. Ruhkillmeez


      👍thanks. Have found a few official OSTs that I've meaning to find on Spotify, but I haven't been so lucky on finding cover songs, or any video-game themed songs. Will be listening to this one while I am grinding, so I appreciate it. 

  6. There any place where I can take a look at MHW mixed sets from other players? Want to look at some unique sets, and hopefully get some ideas from them so that I can personify my own, would be interested in sharing my own sets if I feel that it'd be helpful for others. Atm I've only been able to see others post their sets info on the Monster Hunter Reddit thread. 

  7. When it comes to praying for RNG luck, the RNG gods don't even take one look at me. Still am dedicated to making MHW my 100th plat, but man have I been lacking on luck when it comes to attaining monster crowns. That, or I get teased. Just saw a MASSIVE Deviljho, but suddenly the quest failed, and I saw that a teammate died, and that the investigation failed due to the fail limit being 1 faint... *sighs* there's always next time. 

  8. Favorite game of all time? It'd be "Banjo Kazooie" for me.
  9. I like SotC a whole bunch, but I'd love to see them do Ico, I adore that game, Ico was the first game I had platinum'ed as well. Ico is way more linear and shorter, but I'd still love to see an Ico remake. But I guess I'd want to see Bluepoint do another expansive remake like SotC.
  10. Just saw an article claiming that Treyarch are scared and that they are releasing Black Ops 4 like a whole month earlier because of Red Dead Redemption 2 that is due to release in late October. I really wonder if that's the case, otherwise, I think they'd keep on par with the same tradition, to release it in November when the Holidays are near. But yeah, I found it odd that an upcoming CoD is releasing that early.
  11. Hmmm, to or to not plat Monster Hunter World as my 100th platinum trophy. So far I play nothing but MHW, and I’m pretty slow at the moment when it comes to playing games, been getting really lazy. But I feel that I could plat MHW not far from now if I were to put the effort. MHW as 100th plat would be a cool milestone. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ee28max


      Oh yes, it's definitely worth the milestone. Even myself, I would've made TES V: Skyrim a milestone but that was the only game I was playing and I didn't think of saving it for a milestone. The thing I hated about its platinum was the title Platinum Trophy. Something I don't wanna see again in my milestones section on my profile after getting the same title for my 10th platinum. Next milestones are 1,000th trophy and 20th platinum and I'm gonna think through again. 

    3. Edunstar84


      It could definitely be your next plat. Do you have any 100% games as well? There may be times you may want to take a break. I'm saving the MHW plat for my 75th, and I'm on plat #60.


      Not sure if you've been doing the events, but the last one for crowns may be Coral Waltz.

    4. Ruhkillmeez


      @SlimSanta94 yeah, true. I could earn the platinum trophy while playing the game casually, and I’d prolly keep on going, not stop like some people who already got the plat, and seemed to have had stopped playing. New monsters are gonna be added later on, and weekly events are pretty fun, so I’ll stick around. And a close friend of mine might possibly get the game soon, wouldn’t mind playing all the time with him. 

      @ee28max you saying that, I had another game in mind, one in where it’s platinum trophy was gonna be my 100th plat. Aaaand then I saw that it’s platinum name was simply “Platinum”. Yeaaah... no. 

      @Edunstar84 yeah, actually got some other games in where I could 100% them, but yeah, they have no plats, so I could do those if need be. If I feel like I need a break, I will do so. But till then, I still feel excited about the game as a whole, 150+ hours in and still entertained. And yeah, I’ve been taking advantage of the weekly events. Still need to do that one as I haven’t gotten a miniature/giant golden crown from some of the monsters. 

  12. Sounds rough. I'm still missing a bunch of miniature/gold crowns for most a couple monsters, but I guess I might as well and try to go for Lavasioth's crowns now so that I don't have to, later on, waste even more time trying to have him drop his crowns. But even if I manage to get his miniature/giant crowns earlier, I reckon the last crown for whichever monster I'll need from will still take me a good minute to get. But based on the situation you're stuck on, I guess it wouldn't hurt if I go for the crowns than to go for them when they're the last thing I need. I take advantage of the weekly events, the instant I see a monster's crown I already am not in possession of, and such monsters are featured on the weekly event, I go and keep replaying the events till I finally get both of their smallest/giant crowns. If you somehow don't get Lavasioth's Giant gold crown by the upcoming weeks, you'll have a better chance on getting his giant crown when Elder's Recess is featured on a Weekly Event, like it's already been said above my reply. May RNG be damned since clearly, the RNG gods are not on your side.