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  1. It’s Puppet Combo, their games are great. They made “The Glass Staircase” and “NightRipper”, and those games are excellent. I found out about Puppet Combo when I watched Super Best Friends play “Powerdrill Massacre” years ago. This being a Puppet Combo, game is pretty short and simple. Got the Prologue, that starts off like the beginning from Silent Hill 3 (the mall past the nightmare segment) and then besides Prologue, got the main game which takes place in a house. If playing blindly, game is still short, should take around an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours at most. I hope they port their other games soon, they already got an impressive catalogue. I did wish they’d port the other games via a bundle, I own a physical CD for PC that has some of their first old games, it’s like a Volume 1 disc.
  2. I started the game shortly after this patch went live. Game crashed on me 5-6 times, but it thankfully didn’t crash on me during the speedrun. Game only seemed to crash for whenever I had the game running for a long time in the one session, and when things were chaotic on-screen. Crashed on me the most during local co-op while playing on the hardest difficulty. Played on PS5.
  3. Playing via PS5, loading still takes awhile before initiating a game session. Think it took 30+ to get thrown into the game. And pop ins started to show the more stuff I unlock and that starts appearing in the island (when increasing your relationship with the spirit bears) Otherwise, game for the most part runs good, and is a very alluring game to gaze at. Overall, pretty cozy experience
  4. Yeah, was wondering if anyone ever reached you. I got the plat, but I’d still like to see if there’s any possible methods players can use if having trouble with beating Old School. Maybe you just got extremely lucky randomly so, and it was just a fluke. Thanks for posting this though, maybe someone is willing to recreate this, or something similar to this. I didn’t stumble into any exploits that I could manipulate, so I’ve nothing to add to this possible method. Haven’t seen anyone else mention in where they got lucky you did, neither.
  5. Has anyone managed to recreate this glitch? Or was it purely a random glitch you managed to trigger accidentally so?
  6. I guess this is the state that the game is always going to be in, trophy wise. Gotta play it in an extremely particular way to be able to attain all trophies. Seems dying and continuing is what makes the trophies bug out, since the checkpoint/auto save doesn’t seem to actually properly work in terms of keeping track of everything that you’ve exactly done. Due to that, when I beat the game first play through, I only had earned 3 or so trophies in total. Same goes for when selecting chapters once you beat the game, game doesn’t seem to actually save your progress when replaying them. If you quit you’ll have to select the chapter again, and though you can die and restart from one of the checkpoints, in reality game ain’t tracking anything you do if replaying said chapter. I followed this guide and the comment that responded to the guide, and I was able to get all deaths trophy to pop no issue in my 3rd playthrough. Method used on this guide also helps preventing other trophies from bugging out.
  7. Fairly easy 100%, am honestly baffled at how only less than 50 people have still achieved the 100% completion for the (base) trophy list. It’s actually easier to get wins solo rather than with a team, usually in solo it’s pretty manageable to just get the crown and survive long enough as the crown bearer till timer runs out. If with a team it’s best to wipe out all remaining teams, or to cover your teammates tail if they pick up the crown. If going for the crown, if you got a maxed out Dtap (smart-gun) and a maxed out Ripper, (or Hard pistol or shotgun if feeling risky) alongside a maxed out ball and Slam ability, you’ll achieve a guaranteed win with that loadout. People catching onto how op the Dtap is though, because, well, it’s a smart weapon. But if someone else gets the crown, if you got a Dtap, they’re not gonna get away as long as you’re behind them at all times. Extremely easy BR trophy list, the 100% completion rate should seriously not be this low. With or without any people to play this with, it’s a pretty manageable game to complete.
  8. Tip that I learned from my friend, I already was able to keep to myself in Hex-a-Gone, but with this I could stay atop players even longer if I didn’t get knocked off already: you can make platforms in Hex-a-Gone last a bit longer if you wait for a split second. No need to jump to the next tile immediately after you jump over, you can wait until the tile sort of pops back up after being pressed down to jump. My friend told me it gives you a quarter of a second more out of each tile, I tested it out, and yeah, that seems to be case. Ever since, that’s been guaranteeing me a safe spot above other players. And since now I can spend more time up top, it gives me more time to observe where the other players are, in case they’ll come my way, or if I decide to go and cut them off so that they don’t isolate me from whatever platform I’m on. And if there’s players above you if there’s still platforms above you, watch out for their shadows. If their shadows are near or on you, best you stray, you don’t know if they’ll fall and fall on you and eliminate your tile. People seem to take it slow when there’s few tiles left, so people reckon to eliminate as many tiles right away, but I think you should play it safe at all times, even if it does make the process of survival longer.
  9. I wanna say I don’t care since I cannot attain 100% completion rate on my profile no more, but eh, there’s just some games I need to play, regardless of whether getting all of its trophies is possible or not. I couldn’t bother with having to play a game in an alt account, so I just play everything on my main, it just feels *right* that way. I like to showcase on my profile what kinda games I like, what games I worked through all the way through, or what games managed to break me and have me admit defeat? I was pondering this question my very self, as every once in awhile I think about how I wanna try out the DJ Hero games, but the plat trophies for both games are unobtainable due to closed-down servers. But I think imma finally go and get into the games. Still going out of your way to get every trophy that you can get is pretty commendable, be it they’re easy or hard, at least you still tried. I’d respect someone’s profile preface if they managed to get every trophy they can possibly obtain legit, even if there’s trophies that they haven’t gotten, not their fault some trophies are online only. A game I currently play almost daily, been playing religiously for a year, is Apex Legends. I still have not yet managed to get 20 kills in one match with ANY of the characters, and there’s an in-game badge to showcase on your player profile/banner that says you resulted a 20 bomb (20 kills) If that was a trophy for the game in itself, I don’t think I’d be able to get that trophy... but even then, I’d still play the game. Won’t let a trophy void stop me from playing a game I greatly enjoy. Apex Legends I already 100% completed over a year ago, and game has no plat. If anything, Apex is kinda of the reason why I stopped letting trophies tell me how to debate my playstyle on video-games regarding the trophy system. Before Apex, instant I 100%/plat a game, I would delete said game and never play it again unless it added DLC trophies.
  10. Thanks for the suggested methods. Didn’t go for all trophies on first play through, due to playing blind, but once I did 2 extra playthroughs of gathering all collectibles in one run, I deleted my saved data, started anew, and followed all your methods, and the two remaining collectible trophies popped right after the credits rolled for me. 👍
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I see no riddle regarding beating Yolo Arcade”, damn. I was kinda hoping there’d be one. Just got a Golden trophy for solely just getting a rank throughout a YOLO Arcade session before reading, guess they thought that was hard enough as it is? Would’ve liked the challenge. I’ll still try to beat it, but I guess I’ll do that post-plat. Thanks for sharing, and congrats for being the first person to plat the game. I haven’t seen anyone discuss the Riddles elsewhere, so I wonder if we’re the only thread that has posted online the solutions to the riddles? You’re the only person to post all Riddle solutions as far as I’m aware. No one plat the EU last I checked, and haven’t seen maybe Switch owners discuss about the Riddles and their solutions. Thanks for sharing the solutions, and again, grats on earning the plat. I thought it would’ve taken a bit longer to have figured out all the riddles.
  12. I did all the ones that you confirmed are the things you need to do to solve the Riddles, and I’ve got all of these trophies now. Tried out your guess about what might solve the riddle for Scorpius B, but that didn’t work. I also went for ‘Perfects’ only, while also not dying once, and that still didn’t get the Riddle solved. I’ll keep replaying that level and see if I can manage to solve the Riddle. Thanks for sharing your insight about these Riddles, already managed to solve some of them extremely quick thanks to you. Edit: I got Gold ranks on all levels, unlocked “Yolo Arcade” in the ‘Extras’. Solved no riddles while I was going for Gold ranks, nor did I get a riddle solved for completing all levels with Gold ranks.
  13. That vague description is what is given to you as the set description? I would’ve not figured it out with said info. Seems that Riddle is an easy one to get though, so it still doesn’t give me an idea on what’s the actual difficulty for getting all these Riddles solved. Maybe there are others who actually have no problem exposing these Riddles, but literally these mean nothing to me. Till I see people say how to go about doing them, best I can do is play, hope I randomly trigger what needs to be achieved to solve the Riddles, and in doing so, I can then see what is it that I did to pull off the Riddle challenge. That, or maybe the developers intended for us to be dumbfounded, and to gather other people and try to figure out the Riddles together. Funny how we can’t tell if the trophy difficulty is actually easy or hard or what, due to how vague the Riddles are. If if I see that I somehow managed to solve another Riddle, but no one has gotten said trophy to the regarding Riddle, I’ll be sure to share details. Game is short, and most levels are quick and short, so hopefully it shouldn’t take long for people to uncover more things. Game is very replayable, at least.
  14. I’ve only managed to solve one riddle. I’m horrible when it comes to comprehending things such as riddles and poetry and that kinda stuff, can never figure them out for the life of me. The one riddle I managed to unknowingly solve was Virgo Side A, when looking at the description it says “Dealt a KO! with only one button push”, so that was defeating the boss of that level. But that description is completely obvious, so I’m guessing before I fulfilled the requirement of the riddle, it hinted at something enigmatic, but now that I solved it, it straight out tells me what was the solution. Dunno what it said beforehand. I beat the whole game, and I only managed to solve that one riddle. Seems the game wants you to experiment with the gameplay and try out unusual actions to solve the riddles. I’ve tried out levels based on what the riddles are hinting at, but I just can’t seem to figure out what I’m supposed to do. And can’t find other people online sharing how they’ve solved certain riddles as of yet. So each level has something you need to pull off to be able to solve a riddle.