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  1. Damn it, only now I feel like wanting to plat Demon's Souls, and servers will shut down very soon from now, egh. Why do I do this to myself. Is the game simple to boost if being carried? Haven't touched the game in years. 

    1. Spaz


      I'm in the same boat as you man. You ain't the only one feeling this way.


      I don't think the bosses will pose any serious challenge. The only thing that worries me is the grind to a Pure Bladestone.


      I kind of wish Demon Souls was more like Bloodborne because that game was very straight forward once you got past the hurdles in the beginning. But Demon Souls was made in a time when Sony expected you to work hard to earn a platinum, let alone several platinums when games like Battlefield Bad Company wanted you to get 10K kills in multiplayer matches.


      I can't speak from experience because I wasn't a trophy hunter then, but I suppose nowadays people can easily earn 50 - 100 platinums without breaking a sweat.


      Hopefully Demon Souls will be a platinum I will be proud of. I think the challenge will be more in getting the items than beating the bosses.

    2. cckerberos


      Why does the servers shutting down matter? You can get every trophy offline.

    3. Ruhkillmeez


      I don't wanna do the actual grind. And if I got to do that, I will, maybe, but I am really not a fan of Demon's Souls. And servers are still up, so I'm clearly taking advantage of that if I can. 

  2. Looks ezpz. But egh, getting 300 kills with thrusting weapons? I hated using those. And dunno what's the deal with surviving for 140 days, but other than that, trophy list looks pretty promising, and honestly fun, as far as I'm aware based on my experience from the beta.
  3. Any unobtainable online trophies in Binary Domain, or are trophies still doable via boosting? I saw that some people got online trophies recently in the leaderboards, but I mean, I don't know how the online stuff in the game works.  



      Never tried online but dang had a lot of fun with Binary Domain!

  4. Nice. My friend has been waiting for this. Definitely should try to take advantage of the season passes, needs to get rid off a bunch of games off his backlog, and most of them only have DLC stuff remaining. Resident Evil 7 DLC on sale finally, yes! He's been waiting for the season pass to go on sale for awhile. I've never seen the season pass on sale myself even, I hope to see it on sale sometime soon here on NA. Should also try to take advantage of digital-only titles. He hasn't been able to get some lately, knowing or suspecting they'd get a physical release eventually, but nice to know that having had been patient is finally paying off for this event. I bought him/us some goodies that only came to be on NA sales, hope to see him get snatch some good deals.
  5. Only 4 chapters in while reading Fist of the North Star (Hokuto Shinken) and oh my god if this ain't the hypest shit I've seen in awhile when reading manga. Always wanted to watch the anime, and the new upcoming game looks rad as hell, so I decided to read the manga. 10/10 already, haha. 

  6. And I was debating getting it last week, but good that I ended up getting it during last week's sale, haha. Activision is at it once again, damn. And is the game digital-only? I've only seen the game be available digitally.
  7. Nothing ended up calling my interest from the Week 2 Sale. I almost ended up getting "Frisky Business" though, the price "$6.69" honestly made me crack up.
  8. I think the handgun you can get in the room in where there is a pushable cart, that you kick so it can break down a blockage so that you can follow the path. Before you push the mining cart, like, when you're facing it, right on the left is a handgun, on top of a barrel. Not hard to miss. And the shotgun, you get in the room in where there's lasers everywhere, the mines, in where the second guy from your squad you're trying to save is placed at. Shotgun is on a shelf, I think it was near the level you need to interact with to shut down the lasers in the room.
  9. Well, do try to bypass most enemies. A lot of times I restarted, but not even because I died, was because I got hurt, and I tried to not get hurt during the first couple of minutes during the playthrough. So if I got injured, restart, so to save health items, so to use them during the last moments of the DLC. The ending boss honestly kicked my ass. Didn't take me more than 20 mins. I actually did very well on my first try, but I forgot to move out of his insta-kill attack move, which he can get you from a good set distance actually. Boss did some stuff he never did to me before, cause it's easy to kill him in easy and normal mode, pretty quick even. But on pro, took me like 4 mins. to kill him when I finally did, so he was able to try to some moves on me that he never did before cause I always staggered him. Incendiary grenades and the special ammo type for the pistol helped me on evading his attacks. Try to use them when he's about to attack you, that way he staggers, and his weak spot shows. Also, it's actually bested you use the special ammo type during the first stage of his fight, that way you won't need to spend much ammo. I actually had a lot of ammo for pistol and shotgun, and I still found myself running out of them, because I didn't stagger him, he literally was a bullet sponge. Best you try to save ammo and health items. Try and get the steroids, to take more hits from the boss, cause his attacks are fucking nasty if you get hit by him. I saw people use the knife when taking care of enemies during first couple minutes of the game, but I just bypassed them altogether. Oh, to get steroids, you'll need 4 antique coins, and I only managed to find 4 out of 10 in pro, their locations move in Pro, so I hope you can find enough of them. There's a stabilizer behind a locked door, you'll need the key that you get from the clown mannequin. That door got the clown drawing on it, the door is in the section where you need to enter with the upgraded mask filter, the area where it's all gassy. That's what I did. If I got hurt during the first set of the DLC, I'd restart. When you get steroids, don't use it till you are low on health if possible, that way you won't use it and waste it on full health, just to max. out your health. Some enemies I found too tricky to avoid, so use neuron grenades to stun them. Save grenades that injure enemies for the tougher enemies. And the enemies that can be killed via one shot with the special type ammo, don't even bother dealing with them. Save the ammo for the last boss, so just avoid those enemies, easy to get by them anyways. That's about it. Yeah, I considered myself decent at the previous content of RE7, but Pro actually was more tactic-wise, had to really think. Guess that's why you unlock the difficulty mode when you finish the game, though locations of items are changed, and you do start with no guns lol The Last boss was a challenge cause I underestimated him. Just make sure to have had brought ammo and items of your own with you, you do get ammo in the boss room, but then you'll have to approach him more carefully so.
  10. Yeah, there's a new Thor's sight you get that you can use to replace your default one, which I got when I beat the game firstly in Normal mode. It reduces accuracy I think, but increases firepower. When I beat the game on Professional, I got the "infinite ammo" feature. Dunno if there's anything else I could get, like beating it under a specific amount of time perhaps, like you said. So you got the Easy Deflect, huh? I'll go for that then, though I won't need it lol I still haven't opened any of the boxes that are locked found in the game, that you need a lockpick to unlock with, but they probably just give you an antique coin or something. The Defense Coin and new Thor Hammer aim sight that I got did help me get through Pro a bit better, but man was the mode tricky nonetheless.
  11. Any of ya'll seen the new DLC for Resident Evil 7 go live yet? I didn't know it'd go live at midnight, but I've seen several tweets from people say that they can play the DLC now. Though I haven't anyone from NA say if they have seen DLC go live.

  12. I missed ONE collectible in "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice", and, NOOOO. I'm not even worried about how I need to play through the game, not sure if fully, or partially so. Rather, I dread having to play through the Blindness Shard Challenge, because, oh my god did that section of the game scare the shit outta me. A section of a game hasn't creeped me out this much ever since I played Rayman 3 as a kid, and you had to avoid the Knaaren enemies lol 

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    2. Ruhkillmeez


      @snakebit10 ah, yeah, if you wanna get all collectibles in one go, I'd say use a guide. I didn't use a guide, and I didn't regret NOT using one, but man, now there's the possibility I'll have to play through a level I am horrified of, haha. I just took a look at Powerpyx's collectible video I added before in case I'd need to use it, don't know if you'd bother to have his video as a guide, from what I've seen, he doesn't spoil anything, aside maybe showing some of the solutions for the puzzle sections in the game. When you find a collectible, you can see a tracker set on the stone, and it shows letters/markings. If they show as red, means you haven't gotten them color goes away once you find them. I noticed one of the markings were red, but I somehow missed it, and was too late for me to do anything about it. I finished the game, and there's no chapter select or anything, gotta start game from the beginning. And I dunno if you gotta find all collectibles (which are Lorestones, they give you insight on the, well, lore) all over again if you restart the game. 

    3. snakebit10


      I startd out using powerpyx guide just for the fact there is no chapter select. I read some were that you only need to collect what you have missed.

    4. Ruhkillmeez


      Ah, good to know. I just read something about how they get randomized though, or something like that? So dunno if I need to find another lorestone, and track the letter I missed, or what, but everyone says to just get them all, in case you miss it again. I could just pop a video and listen to the Lorestone I missed, but eh, it's just one, and there is a trophy to getting them all, so don't bother me I gotta replay the game. Hope you don't miss any, if you wanna get them all. I'm still baffled on how I missed one, dunno if it was hidden, or what. I think it might've been cause there was dialogue going on, and I didn't wanna interrupt it by triggering the Lorestone, so I just finished listening to the dialogue, and perhaps I forgot to tag the Lorestone cause I was too focused on the dialogue? lol maybe