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  1. Damn, seems that Night Trap on Vita is bugged, which I guess ain't much of a surprise, but now i can't trigger any actual endings, other than the bad ones which are basically failure states that you can trigger throughout the game. And the game runs inconsistently so too, it's up to the game at times whether it feels that it will let you trap an enemy or not. Was pondering myself why no one had gotten the trophies for getting the perfect ending, or getting to the end but missing some enemies, now I know why. No idea if the game will always have an unobtainable plat or not on the Vita. And the game seemed best to be played on the Vita, to me at least, shame. 

    1. Spaz


      Night Trap is a rather old game, relatively obscure. I'm surprised it even got a retouching and a trophy list.


      You can try it on the PS4. That's what I like about some games being multi platform.

    2. Ruhkillmeez


      Yeah, already got it on PS4 last night. Before I got it on PS4, I had it on Switch as well, and it was my first time playing the game, so I went there and see if I could beat it no issue since I literally cannot beat it on the Vita. Beat it on Switch first try, with almost a perfect ending score too, had no issues like the inconsistent ones on the Vita. I already memorized nearly everything there is to know know since I tried to beat it so many times on the the Vita.

      Got it on PS4 now and am going for its trophies there, I really actually like the game a whole bunch. Shame about the Vita bug or whatever it is, even if I didn’t care about trophies, you still cannot beat the game there, so that blows for any Vita owner in general. And the Vita is the only physical version I own for the game too, got the limited edition from Limited Run Games. 

    3. Hemiak


      I remember when I was young being able to rent a Sega CD, and Night Trap was one of the games we could get. 


      My favorite though was a rail shooter called Sewer Shark. That game was badass. 

  2. Anyone knows where I could get a new 500 GB PS3 online? I had one on my wishlist, it was a 500 GB white super slim PS3, the one with the disc tray, but they sold out awhile ago as I figured they would, I checked back on it today, last I checked there were only 3 left remaining. Now there’s only ones that are used, and they’re even more expensive, when I saw some as “new” awhile ago, they were under $200. I should’ve ordered one back then, but oh well. 

  3. Anyone that needs more cyberpunk games in their life should get "Ruiner", saw that it's on sale in the PSN Holiday Sale, it's $10. Game's pretty rad, and the game's aesthetics, MHMMMM. Only thing I wish the game had is a more challenging difficulty. 

  4. Anyone know of any good video-game OST albums that can be found on Spotify? 

    1. Dav9834


      Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy


      TPR versions of a lottt of different series. Highly recommended


    2. Ruhkillmeez


      👍thanks. Have found a few official OSTs that I've meaning to find on Spotify, but I haven't been so lucky on finding cover songs, or any video-game themed songs. Will be listening to this one while I am grinding, so I appreciate it. 

  5. There any place where I can take a look at MHW mixed sets from other players? Want to look at some unique sets, and hopefully get some ideas from them so that I can personify my own, would be interested in sharing my own sets if I feel that it'd be helpful for others. Atm I've only been able to see others post their sets info on the Monster Hunter Reddit thread. 

  6. When it comes to praying for RNG luck, the RNG gods don't even take one look at me. Still am dedicated to making MHW my 100th plat, but man have I been lacking on luck when it comes to attaining monster crowns. That, or I get teased. Just saw a MASSIVE Deviljho, but suddenly the quest failed, and I saw that a teammate died, and that the investigation failed due to the fail limit being 1 faint... *sighs* there's always next time. 

  7. Hmmm, to or to not plat Monster Hunter World as my 100th platinum trophy. So far I play nothing but MHW, and I’m pretty slow at the moment when it comes to playing games, been getting really lazy. But I feel that I could plat MHW not far from now if I were to put the effort. MHW as 100th plat would be a cool milestone. 

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Oh yes, it's definitely worth the milestone. Even myself, I would've made TES V: Skyrim a milestone but that was the only game I was playing and I didn't think of saving it for a milestone. The thing I hated about its platinum was the title Platinum Trophy. Something I don't wanna see again in my milestones section on my profile after getting the same title for my 10th platinum. Next milestones are 1,000th trophy and 20th platinum and I'm gonna think through again. 

    3. Edunstar84


      It could definitely be your next plat. Do you have any 100% games as well? There may be times you may want to take a break. I'm saving the MHW plat for my 75th, and I'm on plat #60.


      Not sure if you've been doing the events, but the last one for crowns may be Coral Waltz.

    4. Ruhkillmeez


      @SlimSanta94 yeah, true. I could earn the platinum trophy while playing the game casually, and I’d prolly keep on going, not stop like some people who already got the plat, and seemed to have had stopped playing. New monsters are gonna be added later on, and weekly events are pretty fun, so I’ll stick around. And a close friend of mine might possibly get the game soon, wouldn’t mind playing all the time with him. 

      @ee28max you saying that, I had another game in mind, one in where it’s platinum trophy was gonna be my 100th plat. Aaaand then I saw that it’s platinum name was simply “Platinum”. Yeaaah... no. 

      @Edunstar84 yeah, actually got some other games in where I could 100% them, but yeah, they have no plats, so I could do those if need be. If I feel like I need a break, I will do so. But till then, I still feel excited about the game as a whole, 150+ hours in and still entertained. And yeah, I’ve been taking advantage of the weekly events. Still need to do that one as I haven’t gotten a miniature/giant golden crown from some of the monsters. 

  8. Damn it, only now I feel like wanting to plat Demon's Souls, and servers will shut down very soon from now, egh. Why do I do this to myself. Is the game simple to boost if being carried? Haven't touched the game in years. 

    1. Spaz


      I'm in the same boat as you man. You ain't the only one feeling this way.


      I don't think the bosses will pose any serious challenge. The only thing that worries me is the grind to a Pure Bladestone.


      I kind of wish Demon Souls was more like Bloodborne because that game was very straight forward once you got past the hurdles in the beginning. But Demon Souls was made in a time when Sony expected you to work hard to earn a platinum, let alone several platinums when games like Battlefield Bad Company wanted you to get 10K kills in multiplayer matches.


      I can't speak from experience because I wasn't a trophy hunter then, but I suppose nowadays people can easily earn 50 - 100 platinums without breaking a sweat.


      Hopefully Demon Souls will be a platinum I will be proud of. I think the challenge will be more in getting the items than beating the bosses.

    2. cckerberos


      Why does the servers shutting down matter? You can get every trophy offline.

    3. Ruhkillmeez


      I don't wanna do the actual grind. And if I got to do that, I will, maybe, but I am really not a fan of Demon's Souls. And servers are still up, so I'm clearly taking advantage of that if I can. 

  9. Any unobtainable online trophies in Binary Domain, or are trophies still doable via boosting? I saw that some people got online trophies recently in the leaderboards, but I mean, I don't know how the online stuff in the game works.  

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Never tried online but dang had a lot of fun with Binary Domain!

  10. Only 4 chapters in while reading Fist of the North Star (Hokuto Shinken) and oh my god if this ain't the hypest shit I've seen in awhile when reading manga. Always wanted to watch the anime, and the new upcoming game looks rad as hell, so I decided to read the manga. 10/10 already, haha. 

  11. Any of ya'll seen the new DLC for Resident Evil 7 go live yet? I didn't know it'd go live at midnight, but I've seen several tweets from people say that they can play the DLC now. Though I haven't anyone from NA say if they have seen DLC go live.

  12. I missed ONE collectible in "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice", and, NOOOO. I'm not even worried about how I need to play through the game, not sure if fully, or partially so. Rather, I dread having to play through the Blindness Shard Challenge, because, oh my god did that section of the game scare the shit outta me. A section of a game hasn't creeped me out this much ever since I played Rayman 3 as a kid, and you had to avoid the Knaaren enemies lol 

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    2. Ruhkillmeez


      @snakebit10 ah, yeah, if you wanna get all collectibles in one go, I'd say use a guide. I didn't use a guide, and I didn't regret NOT using one, but man, now there's the possibility I'll have to play through a level I am horrified of, haha. I just took a look at Powerpyx's collectible video I added before in case I'd need to use it, don't know if you'd bother to have his video as a guide, from what I've seen, he doesn't spoil anything, aside maybe showing some of the solutions for the puzzle sections in the game. When you find a collectible, you can see a tracker set on the stone, and it shows letters/markings. If they show as red, means you haven't gotten them color goes away once you find them. I noticed one of the markings were red, but I somehow missed it, and was too late for me to do anything about it. I finished the game, and there's no chapter select or anything, gotta start game from the beginning. And I dunno if you gotta find all collectibles (which are Lorestones, they give you insight on the, well, lore) all over again if you restart the game. 

    3. snakebit10


      I startd out using powerpyx guide just for the fact there is no chapter select. I read some were that you only need to collect what you have missed.

    4. Ruhkillmeez


      Ah, good to know. I just read something about how they get randomized though, or something like that? So dunno if I need to find another lorestone, and track the letter I missed, or what, but everyone says to just get them all, in case you miss it again. I could just pop a video and listen to the Lorestone I missed, but eh, it's just one, and there is a trophy to getting them all, so don't bother me I gotta replay the game. Hope you don't miss any, if you wanna get them all. I'm still baffled on how I missed one, dunno if it was hidden, or what. I think it might've been cause there was dialogue going on, and I didn't wanna interrupt it by triggering the Lorestone, so I just finished listening to the dialogue, and perhaps I forgot to tag the Lorestone cause I was too focused on the dialogue? lol maybe

  13. Anyone ever seen the season pass for Resident Evil 7 go on sale? 

    1. DamagingRob


      According to PS Prices, it's gone on sale twice this year. Only knocked off $6, though.

    2. Ruhkillmeez


      Hmmm... eh, I'd take it, better than no discount at all.  I'd probably grab it if I was purchasing several DLC all at once. Thanks for the answer,  

    3. DamagingRob


      No prob. And yeah, any discount is better than no discount. Especially with DLC, which doesn't go on sale as often as full games do. 

  14. Awesome to see that Dead Rising 4 is finally coming to PS4 this Winter. I'm wary of the criticism the game's gotten, but I'm still hyped that we're getting a new Dead Rising, even more with how Dead Rising 3 is permanently exclusive to Microsoft, so only Xbone and PC got that one 

  15. I forgot about the game "Exit" on the PSP. I adored that game, even though I never got to fully beat it. I usually ain't fond of puzzle games, cause I suck at them. Would love to see that game and "Dead Head Fred" get a remaster treatment. 

  16. New "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice" trailer seriously gave me chills. I agree with how people have defined that the game's atmosphere seems "bleak" and "harrowing". Not that many games that surround its main concept within a mental illness. 

    1. BSKkayfabe


      Yeah it gives me the goosebumps, literally lol i'm a psychology major and i preordered this game months ago, based solely on the fact that it revolved around a mentally ill woman, the actress actually spoke in a support group to people with actual mental illness, really gives the whole thing some authenticity.

    2. Ruhkillmeez


      I got interested in it just recently. Well, I didn't even know about it. Did hear that Ninja Theory was making a game via an Indie process, as in, the game will be short, and so the price will be cheap, in this case, $30. That the game won't take much time to make either. Had no idea it was this game. But due to making it a short game and whatsuch, they can take advantage of that and basically make a triple A title... except it's not, it's indie, but this way, it won't be as hard to make the graphics look beautiful, as the game shows clearly from what we've seen. Motion capture won't be as expensive and time consuming I reckon, seeing how the project behind the game is small, but has very dedicated people working on it, not having to stress due to it being a really huge project. I can see why other game studios are interested in this game. If there's gonna be more games that cover mental illness, I hope developers take the approach that Ninja Theory is taking with Hellblade. Hopefully this game proves that you can make powerful games that are mainly about quality, rather than quantity. As for what this game will end up managing to accomplish, I hope it exceeds at the aspect of the mental illness concept. Only game I can recall that everyone says that the concept of a mental illness has intrigued them on about was PTSD, the game "Spec Ops: The Line" covered that concept. 

  17. George A. Romero has passed away :( Man, very unexpected. Was so excitedly looking forward to his new movie about a racing movie with zombies

    1. KingGuy420


      That's rough. He basically single handedly created one of the biggest things in pop culture. I don't think there's anyone who had their life's worked ripped off anymore then that guy. He was an icon.

    2. SaltyCat


      This news made me sad

    3. Sigma999


      Life is simply unfair . Don't you think ?

  18. Haven't played video-games for a month now, and ain't likely to play any for another month, yipee 😥 withdrawal symptoms have started to show lol this is where I regret not having any form of handheld consoles while being away from my home for this long 

    1. atlasxof-



    2. Ruhkillmeez


      YEAH, WHERE? Best chance is to snatch one online, actually got interested in looking for some here in Puerto Rico, aaaand no luck. All are sold out, and not expected to be in stock for awhile due to high demand, just like elsewhere. Only bothering to get a Switch so that I can play with one while I travel via airplanes, I despise flying, so boring. And I've seen articles of people saying they're having a blast with the Switch when traveling, so I want some of that action, lol eh, I guess the Vita would settle if I really wanted that tho

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      I got a vita for the road trips, when you jump back you'll be in the groove

  19. I hate how I adore water levels in video-games, (if the levels are done right, of course) yet, I'm terrified of deep water in real life, cause I don't know how to swim. Then there's also me who loves looking at pictures of the ocean or pictures taken underwater, buuuut hard for me as a photographer to take such pictures myself knowing I'm terrified lol 

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    2. MidnightMoth


      Correct me if I am wrong, but don't you play as Jaws? You are the predator! What do you have to fear?! Lol 

    3. Ruhkillmeez


      @MidnightMoth yeah, you play as Jaws the shark, and yeah, through whole game you are the predator, lol I dunno, it was just that one area in the game. Everything was dark I think, and I would say there were bigger mammals there too that scared me, but in the game, you even fight enemies bigger than you sometimes, such as an Orca Whale right after the beginning of the game. I think you even fight against a crane or something, a big one in a really dark area underwater. In old games, I never minded if there was a sandbox game and it had an ocean you could swim through because there were no dangerous enemies in the water, but ever since games like GTA or other sandbox started adding sharks, and other dangerous animals, I ain't as comfortable with water levels lol but water levels usually frustrate me than scare me, mostly because most games I've played got annoying mechanics when navigating underwater 

      @RVMcypress_grave oh yeah, Time Master's Quest. Played that, but never finished it, nor have I reached the Water Temple in that ver. But really? Makes me curious now, wonder if I can look that up and see if I can find about a key that leads to a mysterious door unless it was a glitch or something

    4. RVMcypress_grave


      I tried looking it up and found nothing (I was a kid though so I probably did a poor job). It was super complex though so maybe they added an extra key to prevent you from running out if you chose to open doors in different areas.

  20. Whenever I doubt my gaming skills and feel like I suck, I immediately go and watch videos of Darksydephil. God, that guy is such a massive idiot. He's ragequit so many games just in the year 2016 alone lol at whatever games he sucks, he blames the game stating that they either buggy, or laggy. Says the guy that actually enjoyed "Ride To Hell: Retribution" lol 

    1. Elvick_


      That's an issue with a lot of LPers.

  21. I really miss my PS4, or, rather, I simply just miss playing video-games. Can't wait to go back to Texas and return to my man cave. And it's really depressing seeing how it ain't easy to buy video-games here no more (well, physically) in Puerto Rico, seeing how all GameStop stores have shut down all here, and tax here in P.R. is very high too, damn.  

  22. So, B.J. from the Wolfenstein series, his great great great grandson is the original Doom guy/marine? That's pretty rad. 

  23. Man, I'm in the mood in where I don't feel like playing games, damn it :( I hate it. Bad time to get into Final Fantasy VII, huh? Even though I've really been enjoying the game a lot, but I keep dropping it so damn much, lol maybe I'm in need of a platformer, hopefully I get to play Yooka Laylee not far from now. Awesome to see more platformers such as Yooka Laylee, Snake Pass, and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy release this year. 

  24. I actually didn't even know Jon Tron was voice acting in Yooka-Laylee, but I'm still sad that he's been removed. Though I do understand as to why Playtonic Games removed him. Now I'm worried about how their game will do though, I'm still excited for it, and will support it. I'm still hoping Jon gets added back though, I guess. Is it know what character he voiced?

    1. TheFinalEmblem


      Yeah, same here, I just saw GameXplain report on it. I don't think you should be worried about how the game will do just because they removed JonTron, I mean, yeah, he's a popular dude, and I still like him, but it's not like him being removed is gonna affect sales a whole lot. I don't really know what character he voices, but I do think it was just a small role.

    2. Ruhkillmeez


      Yeah, I think the same. But I was a bit worried seeing lots of people ('course, they could just be overreacting) talking about how they would boycott the game, and what such. I didn't know things were escalating this high 'round this controversy till I watched this video below. But the guy in the video definitely ain't fully knowledgeable about the situation, and what kind of game it is, what the developers have gone through, etc. I myself am not worried about how I'll perceive this game, I'll still gladly be supporting it and its developers, I still haven't recovered from what Microsoft did to Rare, and how Nintendo just gave them away like that. I still can't help be a bit concerned about how the game just got bombarded with this controversy, though, seeing as how close it is to launching now finally.