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  1. I'm very excited to play this! I will be hope for getting the game soon. Thoughts on the trophy list?
  2. This is the fifth Harvest Moon game that had trophies. What did you think about the list?
  3. I got one! Thanks! PS Communities will be missed. R.I.P. PS Communities
  4. This game looks to be a pleasant surprise game. It cost 50 cents, which was awesome. Ascendshaft looks like a Galaga / Space Invaders type and Endless Shaft was decent enough. I have to say, it's better than Lizard Lady. The trophy list was quite simple enough aside from the Endless Shaft trophies that can be a little bit annoying. This game have a platinum!
  5. Titan was right! St Patrick's Day Break will be coming soon! It's officially coming!
  6. This is the Saint Patrick's Day version of Sushi Break. Maybe there will be the Head to Head version soon so you may stack 4 times. Maybe "Easter Break" will be the next Sushi Break game. We'll see about that.
  7. The list was identical as the PS4 version. Use the other thread for this game
  8. To any of the Persona 5 players who have played Sonic Forces, There will be a Sega / Atlus pack that Joker was included. Also, this DLC cost $3.
  9. What did you think? The list looks pretty straightforward. I need to platinum P5R before I could plat P5S.
  10. I'm looking for someone to heart me and my levels as well as playing on my levels. I would be appreciated it. PSN: BradRedwoodFox
  11. Gameplay: Dreams & Persona 5 Royal Walkthrough: Persona 4 Golden & Demon Souls Niche: Overcooked & Subnautica DLC: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax & Dead by Daylight Formatting: Epic Mickey 2 & The Last of Us Part 2 Imported: BlazBlue Chronophantasma & Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone DX Original Content: Jotun & Tokyo Dark Remembrance GOTY: Persona 5 Royal
  12. I can't reply anymore posts. What is the problem with PSNProfiles.

    1. DaivRules


      Your account is new. You only get 5 posts to stop new accounts coming in and spamming or shitposting. You have to wait before you can reply again. You can always Private Message people if it’s important. 

    2. MidnightDragon


      After a couple days, the restrictions will be lifted.

  13. I would know that GTA 4 is the hardest of the GTA game to obtained the platinum. Which GTA game was the easiest for the platinum?
  14. In.... ......sane!!!!! I have 5 ultra rare platinums I will clean up. Maybe I need to platinum LBP1. There is the Prize Bubble exploit when you search "LBP1 Prizes" and play two LBP1 Prize levels and earn 4 trophies. Also, Boosting the Create trophy can be done on the Gaming Sessions on PSN Profiles (One of your levels can be hearted, and author can be hearted by 30 people), Share trophy requires you to play 150 levels, have 50 tags on the level and have 10 hearted levels, The Play trophy would be a little bit tricky because The Bunker, if you die, you may restart the level from beginning.
  15. I've been watching South Park on Pluto TV. I sadly don't have a cable to watch more South Park.