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  1. Is there anyway to fix this error or do I have to start all over again? If so, that's 60 hours down the drain.
  2. I cannot find the last and final sign in the Spot Encyclopaedia. I have read the trophy guide and it does not help. I want to see a picture of its location. I have searched everywhere online and I cannot seem to find it. Can anyone help me?
  3. Crash Bandicoot and Resident Evil.
  4. I'll be more cautious next time I delete a PlayStation Vita game. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Are you suggesting my save data isn't completely gone?
  6. I recently discovered that If you chose to delete a game from your PlayStation Vita, the saved data gets deleted alongside it. Personally, I think this isn't fair because most gamers don't have enough room on their memory stick to store every game they purchase. If we want to play different games we are forced to delete our old games. I found out that you could cross-save between your PS3, PS VITA and PS4 and in doing so, it will automatically unlock the trophy set in the process. I attempted to try this feature with a PlayStation Vita game and because I deleted the game, my save was deleted as well. I had no idea that deleting my game would result in this. I gave full faith and credit to Sony to take care of my saves and they let me down. I just assumed that just because they have a 'Saved Data' folder on the PS3 that they would have a folder for your 'Saved Data' on the PlayStation Vita. Long story short, I have missed out on the opportunity to unlock two additional platinum trophies because of this error and I don't feel up to the challenge to play the game all over again from scratch. Do you think I was hard done by and cheated out from something or do you think it was my own fault? Please share your thoughts.
  7. There are so many undesirables on here.

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      Lol. Ok now I'm gonna stalk you. Lol.

      You started making some funny comments under RE5 forums, and now you think I'm stalking you? You keep on appearing in my notifications, I guess I have to fix that. But chill out, don't be a pussy troll.

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      You somehow rear your ugly head around the corner after every post I make.

  8. Pass. These people are deceiving you.