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  1. Servers still up in 2022?
  2. What do you have to do to get the first world portal trophy? Tried lots of different things and nothing seems to work. Thanks
  3. Time is upon us. Time to tie up your shoe laces, lock away your pets and pick up your controllers. Season 36 is about to begin and it could get messy. Good luck everyone and let’s go have some fun 🤩
  4. Hello. Is this trophy glitched? My coop partner and I did this in 27.55 and he got the trophy and I didn’t. He was the host, if that makes any difference. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Thanks
  5. I have been following several guides on how to unlock this trophy and non of them seem to work. They say go into player hud, then development and select a similar position. I do this then simulate weeks/months and I never receive an email saying the player can play in his new position. I would love someone to be able to help as I have spent hours trying various different ways of doing this and nothing works. Many thanks
  6. Stay tuned kids….. Back home now and time to work on plat 300. Sorry I bowed out of CWC but I was away with my wife and kids 😀
  7. What an amazing season. Some very exciting matchups and I have meet some great people who I hope will remain friends for a long time. Great banter on discord and I spent more time on there than I ever thought I would. Thanks to all the hard work that Lucas and Psy put in to make all of this work so well. 😄
  8. Congrats Lulu. Onto the next milestone and promotion 😀
  9. Looks like Seb and me are going to fight it out in the last fixture. Exciting times
  10. Like the title says. Do you need to have other people to play against or can all trophies be obtained against bots?
  11. Thank you. I went ahead and brought it while it was on sale.
  12. I’m a bit confused. Can you get the multiplayer trophies against bots? Has anybody tested this? Any feedback would be great as this game is on sale and it’s been a game I have been looking at for awhile. Thanks in advance
  13. Good luck everyone and let’s keep it clean…. No punches below the belt lol