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  1. I’m in this season, team name is Peaked Too Early
  2. Portugal 1-2 France
  3. Portugal 2-0 Wales Germany 1-0 France I REALLY don't want Wales to win the title
  4. England complete disgrace tonight. I've been disappointed by them before, but tonight just completely takes the piss. Utter shit. It's a good job we lost tonight because we would of got shit on badly by France. Worse than 2014 World Cup, and that's saying something. Poland 1-1 Portugal Wales 0-2 Belgium Germany 0-1 Italy France 3-1 Iceland
  5. Saturday Switzerland 0-2 Poland Wales 1-1 Northern Ireland Croatia 2-3 Portugal Sunday France 1-1 Republic of Ireland Germany 2-0 Slovakia Hungary 1-3 Belgium Monday Italy 0-0 Spain England 3-0 Iceland COME ON ENGLAND!!!
  6. Group E Italy 1-0 Republic of Ireland Sweden 1-2 Belgium Group F Iceland 1-2 Austria Hungary 0-2 Portugal I've done appalling this round
  7. Group A Romania 2-0 Albania Switzerland 0-2 France Group B Russia 2-1 Wales Slovakia 1-3 England Group C Ukraine 0-2 Poland Northern Ireland 1-3 Germany Group D Czech Republic 2-0 Turkey Croatia 1-2 Spain
  8. Shit missed the first 2 games! Group C Germany 1-1 Poland Group D Czech Republic 1-1 Croatia Spain 2-1 Turkey Group E Italy 2-0 Sweden Belgium 2-1 Rep. Ireland Group F Iceland 1-2 Hungary Portugal 0-1 Austria
  9. Group D Spain 2-0 Czech Republic Group E Rep. Ireland 1-1 Sweden Belgium 0-1 Italy Group F Austria 3-1 Hungary Portugal 2-0 Iceland Group A Romania 2-1 Switzerland France 3-0 Albania Group B Russia 2-0 Slovakia
  10. I'm in (if it's not too late!) Group A France 3-1 Romania Albania 0-1 Switzerland Group B Wales 0-1 Slovakia England 2-0 Russia Group C Poland 3-1 Northern Ireland Germany 2-0 Ukraine Group D Turkey 2-1 Croatia Winner = Italy Top Goalscorer = Lewandowski
  11. The bus didn't take so long for me either to be honest. I got most of the cars immediately. Just the flatbed and securicar that took time. I did what u said, it spawned flatbeds lol but as soon as I got in one of them I got the securicar. Cheers
  12. Are they not? Seemed to be for me I also saw them quite a bit whilst doing the taxi missions and firefighter missions on Staunton Island. Now the securicar on the other hand.......
  13. Stretches were quite common round the park on the second island for me. I think driving a sports car increases their spawn rate. I'm having trouble with the flatbed and securicar. Impossible to find!!
  14. Do they spawn nearby? Failed a couple and can't find any
  15. This is true. But San Andreas was a lot easier to 100% than GTA 4 imo