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  1. You aren't required to hunt trophies. It's just an extra for your games. So you can always quit. But it's gonna be a long and frustrating process to completely quit if you spent many years hunting trophies. The first step was to turn off the trophy notifications. It was a good way to readjust my mindset. Despite that I still have urges to hunt trophies lol. But with time I finally gave up on it. I realized that spending hours and hours grinding for one trophy was a complete waste of time. You can use that time for other productive things in life, or play some other game. This helped me enjoy more of my games, and also prevent me from building a much bigger backlog of games. I definitely missed having a profile with a nice completion score and a high amount of platinums. But then again, who really cares about that. Are you really gaining something? Not really, maybe boosting your ego to show off, but other than that, it's just an unnecessary amount of stress and time. I currently have 150+ games on my backlog, if I were to focus on getting platinum on each game, I don't think I'll ever complete my backlog of games. Especially now that I graduated from college and entering the work field. I'm not going to have as much free time. Plus I want to get into the Nintendo Switch ecosystem. So imagine how long it's going to take me to platinum every game. Most likely never. So it's best to stop now, and just learn to play the games casually. Of course, everyone has their own way of playing. Maybe if I was still in middle school, I'll continue hunting trophies. But now that I'm getting old. I realized that all my free time is going to be gone soon lol. (Not looking forward to that). So I gonna have to learn how to enjoy every last minute that I have.
  2. Thank god i quit trophy hunting! Don't have to worry about things like this. Good luck everyone!
  3. Okay! Now I'm definitely getting it! First Day Purchase. #canelo
  4. @nyarLOLhotep Bruhhhhhh... Why is your signature so dark lol. 😂
  5. The online portion wasn't that bad. It made the game even better. I would have to say Fight Night Champion getting to level 60 online. If you lose, you lose your rating. You have to constantly win. Need to have a winning percentage of 90% or better in hopping to get that rating. That's like 300+ fights, which is like 300+ hours if you win of course. Another trophy was battlefield bad company 1 10,002 kills. Trophies like these ruin your experience. Now that I'm a bit older. I am finally able to say enough is enough. Quit trophy hunting completely, and have been enjoying my games a lot more.
  6. After 8 years of trophy hunting across three different gamer profiles, I've finally decided to retire from trophy hunting. Not having to worry about trophies has been such a pleasure. I can finally take my time to finish the games I want to play at my own pace and finally retire from stupid grinds. Currently, with this newer profile I have, I have 391 unearned trophies. With the number of games I have yet to play, I could see it reach upwards towards the 10,000 range. Can't wait to have my percentage under 10% 😂
  7. Apex Legends Trophy Number #220 "Apex Support" [Win a game as a supporting character]
  8. The main issue I had with fight night 1-4 was that. The roster was 80% the same across all games. They barely added any of the smaller known champions. They only cared about adding the well-established names. Don't get me wrong, I love using Ali, Tyson, Hatton, Pacquiao etc. They are fun to use, but they are soo overused, at a point, where I feel they are milking out their names. But with eSBC we are finally getting new fighters. We are getting legends from the previous games, new upcoming and current world champions from all weight classes, and we are finally getting female fighters for the first time in boxing game history. So far from the three announcements, we have a good quality roster. They said they have more announcements to come. So don't worry, some of the older fighters will come to the game. I'm just glad we are getting a good quality roster for the first time! Edit: Here's the current Roster so far [Let's pray they don't decide to add the Paul Brothers into the game.....]
  9. It's a shame. I wish boxing was more organized like the UFC. Many boxers and promoters feel entitled to a large check if they want their rights to be on the game. It's annoying. Don't they know that they will get more exposure if they are in the game. Even though fight night champion was a great game. The game lacked fighters. I mean the early 2010s was the last prime years of boxing. So many great fighters should have been added. Even if this new boxing game sucks. This will be the first time in boxing history, in which there would be a large pool of fighters. Just after three fighter announcements we already have more fighters than all the old fight night games combined. They are even planning to add even more in the future. This game already is a success with the number of fighters that are in the game. Heck, we are finally getting professional tournaments in a boxing game! We boxing fans are eating good this year! I'm glad they are adding so many fighters onto the game. We have more fighters already compared to all of the previous fight night games! All I wish is that they had Canelo/ Ryan Garcia to the game. They don't seem like the type to ask a lot of money for their rights to be on the game. Having those two alone will bring a lot of boxing fans to the game. If they can make it cross-play, man this game can really succeed. Lmao! I saw that thread. I can't believe people were going crazy for a belt. I'm glad that the belt holders didn't give in. As a person who won a world belt on fight night champion. It's hard as hell. There's a lot of cheaters and spammers on there. Having someone give you the title easily ruins the purpose of the platinum. It cheapens it. The rarity of the platinum reflects on how hard is to earn a belt! Hopefully, they make the trophies easy to obtain. It will suck for people on this site to avoid the game like the plague. All I know is that I'm glad that I retired from trophy hunting! No need to worry about trophies! 😝
  10. 1. Yes..... People should have waited. For the love of God, we had four months to get the games we needed. If you were smart, you could have waited until July to purchase the games. Because there was always the possibility for the news to be overturned. This is why people should never impulse buy. 2. There are articles already, and many threads praising Jim Ryan again. and countless amount of people on Twitter and Reddit praising him. So yea, I highly doubt they were being sarcastic.
  11. Just a couple of weeks ago, you guys wanted to hang Jim Ryan, now all of a sudden you love the guy? Jesus you guys are fake as f****. Jim Ryan made you all look like fools. This is why you shouldn't jump to conclusions. Until the store is officially closed down and we no longer able to purchase stuff, you shouldn't have taken the news at heart. There was always a chance for the ruling to be overturned. Lessoned to be learned. Take any news with a grain of salt. Things can be easily overturned.
  12. Nope.... Based on the gameplay and trailers, this game definitely feels like it's worth the $80 dollars. I mean even the cut scenes look like, on the same scale as Ghost of Thusamia or The Last Of Us. Heck, the gameplay seems polished and clean. You can tell Sony invested a lot of money into this game. Every new AAA game that sony makes is worth the full price. Sony games are like an elite experience. Like a mini-event.
  13. Toss A Coin To Your Witcher 😻 I loved the Netflix Adaption. Can't wait to play The Witcher 3 someday and pray/hope that there would be a Witcher 1 & 2 Remaster!
  14. Unfortunately, I missed out on the PS3 Era. Well, Technically I didn't, since I had one. Bought I only bought two types of games Dragonball Z and MLB The Show. So there's a bunch of interesting games I have yet to play. So here's my list of games I've been wanting to play. 1. Lollipop Chainsaw (Physical) 2. Naughty Bear (Physical) 3. Deadly Premonition (Physical) 4. Silent Hill Homecoming and Downpour (Physical) 5. Family Guy Multiverse (Physical) 6. Yakuza Deadsouls (Digital) 7. Dead Space 1-3 (Digital) 8. Saint Row 2 (Digital) 9. Silent Hill HD Collection (Digital) 10. Fallout 3 and New Vegas (Digital) 11. Red Dead Redemption (Digital) 12. Max Payne 3 (Digital) 13. GTA 4 (Digital) 14. Ratchet & Clank Origin Collection (Digital) 15. God Of War Collection (Digital) 16. Metal Gear Solid Collection (Digital) 17. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (Digital) 18. Infamous Collection (Digital) 19. Deus Ex Human Revolution (Digital) 20. Final Fantasy Xlll, Xlll-2, Lightning Returns (Digital) 21. Far Cry Classic, 2 (Digital) The majority of these games can be played on PSNow. But let's be honest, the experience is going to suck with all the lag issues. So it's best to own the games. Unfortunately, most of these games are costly to get physically. To make things worst, all the games are used and are in bad condition. So might as well get it in digital form, which is the best way to save some money. I'm going to wait until the end of June to buy these games. Hopefully, Sony can be kind enough to do a last-minute sale. Literally, Me After I buy all these games in July.
  15. I love Days Gone. It's such a fantastic game. But only shit, that's an awful pitch idea for a sequel. I can see why Sony didn't greenlight it. A shared universe is extremely hard to pull off. Not many Studios are able to achieve that. You need a genius who is excellent in storytelling, and I don't think Bend Studios have the people or talent to pull it off. Sony games are strictly single-player. There is a reason why the games do so well. Adding Co-op in the sequel will make things awkward and unnecessary. If they wanted to implement co-op, they should have done that in the first game. Hopefully, Bend studio's next pitch idea is strictly single-player. Day's Gone has a lot of potential to become one of Sony's best IPs. People forget that Bend studio has little experience in creating these types of games, and they are a small studio. It's impressive how they were able to pull off this game. Can you imagine how a sequel will do with more staff, a better console, and better management. So much endless potential.