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  1. People really out here complaining about the price of the game while others are still struggling to get the console in the first place. Greedy fucks just buy the game and enjoy it, not everyone gets the luxury.
  2. At the time of writing: Twin Mirror and White Night Made some guides for them too
  3. Just put your latency to around 40-50ms and just react to the notes, it's really not too bad... As for the 15 notes in a row, you can just hit the first 2-3 notes of a song, go restart, then just hit those notes again, and repeat until you get the trophy, (the notes in a row internal counter carries over between retries) - imho it's easier than playing the song properly for this trophy, less distractions and such, timing is different for the arrows too, need to hit them a bit early.. For the 75%+ accuracy trophy, you can always do the glitch; but it has been patched, so you will either need to download the older version (check Final Fantasy 15 downgrade for comrades dlc) and use the same method for this game, OR just buy physical, it's not that expensive and I guess you could resell it after, really no excuses here. Goodluck with your platinum, if you're still struggling to hit the notes, I advise calibrating the delay or manually changing it yourself until you find something that's comfortable.
  4. Testing this now, since I have the base game, but not the DLC You can view the page, when I hit purchase, I get error WS-43691-3. It's $1.50, and yes, I do have the funds available in the account.
  5. Base game was free, dlc was like $1, dunno if it's still available anywhere (most likely not)
  6. Can someone make a guide for this dlc? surely @IBadDriverI can? ;)) If I need to waste money on this shit game, I may as well save as much time as possible, right?
  7. idk try delete some stuff then, press backspace key, arrow keys, and delete key (backspace but forward) Maybe do the urls first, then pictures?
  8. List is incomplete and wrong Not necessarily, those labels are added manually, for example that Nicole stack I linked above, says "AS" next to it, but it's physical only..
  9. Search for the game on psnprofiles, copy the name, this also copies the url hyperlink, then all u need is the icon.. which is right next to it, just right click it and copy the image address, paste it in and the forum box should handle the rest Edit: Metagal JP vita is available digitally, can confirm it, also have the chinese version of Rayman Legends digital, so it is possible to get it digitally, also keep in mind that Super Destronaut DX: Intruders Edition is available on the Japanese store for some reason.. so don't add it if someone suggests it
  10. Please format this a little nicer with links? Here are some more: Awesome Pea Collection Roommates Nicole Thanks for putting this together!
  11. ?? Someone asked Ubisoft support directly and they said it included the PS3 version, support said yes and reported it back on these forums.. Dunno how much more of a 'reliable' source you need if it's coming straight from Ubisoft, but they themselves don't even know? Edit: didn't read the content on the second page, but man, because there was initially confusion, and some go and ask support then only adds to the confusion, you can't really blame people can you?
  12. No, you will keep the game, the same thing happened in NZ for Knack 2 on release, they put it up for free... people were making NZ accounts just to get the game for free
  13. Fastest for The Last Guardian, but this was mostly an accident, I was playing it for someone else, so I had a lot of practice behind me, also thought up a route where I would pop the first trophy as late as possible in to the run, giving me an even shorter total time. Have a few other records, but they're not as impressive, most of my other decent ones have already been beaten anyway, by a couple minutes. (unfortunately)
  14. Please link?
  15. Would love to watch this run tbh, takes me about 4 hours to just complete the base game, where on earth are you saving so much time?? and on the hardest difficulty? get outta here that's ridiculous! And how did you deal with the challenge rooms so fast? Worlds of Hurt is a nightmare to speedrun, I have an old picture me nearly missing out of the 15 minute trophy by 1 second (will update post if I can find it) Edit (both taken from ps3): EU: JP: