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  1. I did EVERYTHING the guide said, I killed defalco, completed "dispatch", played suffer with me, then played achilles veil, then shot the admiral in the leg in "odysseus" what Am I doing wrong? Tell me everything YOU DID in the exact order of each and every mission, it's the last trophy I need for bo2
  2. Do you replay the SF missions first or regular missions?
  3. Do you have to do that including the strike force mission.
  4. So, After I finished giant accomplishment, I went back to mission 6: karma; I killed defalco did not restart the whole story or anything, I then went to the last SF mission dispatch, then I killed harper in achiles veil, then shot the admiral in the leg, then finished the mission just as the other prerequisites, but it's not popping???
  5. Because it's near IMPOSSIBLE beating the strike force missions on veteran
  6. So I know there is a garbage map in cod called die rise, I'm just wondering if you need the tranZit nav inserted into the die rise NAV table?
  7. how?
  8. Tbh, I'm just gonna earn everything legit then use mods for big leagues, and don't flag me pls