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  1. On 5/28/2021 at 0:03 PM, WhoElseBut-Matty said:

    regular and do the SF missions along the way. as i said i would recommend following the guide on here because that tells you the exact order to ensure the trophy will pop

    I did EVERYTHING the guide said, I killed defalco, completed "dispatch", played suffer with me, then played achilles veil, then shot the admiral in the leg in "odysseus" what Am I doing wrong? Tell me everything YOU DID in the exact order of each and every mission, it's the last trophy I need for bo2


  2. 4 hours ago, WhoElseBut-Matty said:

    did you rewind the story to karma first? i believe it won't work if you just click replay and you have to play through all missions inbetween rather than quitting out and selecting a different mission basically as you would throughout a normal playthrough

    Do you have to do that including the strike force mission. 


  3. So, After I finished giant accomplishment, I went back to mission 6: karma; I killed defalco did not restart the whole story or anything, I then went to the last SF mission dispatch, then I killed harper in achiles veil, then shot the admiral in the leg, then finished the mission just as the other prerequisites, but it's not popping???