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  1. Thanks man, i was using the bombs too, my bad.
  2. Someone can explain me how to get the bombs trophies? Pretty sure i pick 10 bombs in arcade, same with the 15 bombs in bomber mode and no trophy.
  3. I just checked, seems to be the case, too soon to be broken again, i wonder if sony will ever fix it permanently.
  4. Guys ps4 tracks the playtime fine, im playing kingdom hearts melody of memory there & every session has been tracked, when i play in my ps5 i can see the numbers going up, every game i play in my ps5 doesn't increase the numbers, so pretty sure this is a ps5 issue.
  5. The wrap up stats are correct, for me my most played game has a 40 hours diference between the console numbers & the wrap up, the ps5 show less hours, the wrap up & my saves numbers are the same.
  6. Broken again, last game played doesn't update either, it's pretty much broken for a few days every month, so weird.
  7. Looks pretty much the same as the ps4 version, i played the ps4 version on ps5 thanks to ps plus and the game already is 4k 60fps, I'm still tempted to buy it for collection since i liked so much. Edit: ps4 runs at 1800p so it's a small improvement, it will be difficult to notice honestly.
  8. Yes, for me too, i noticed yesterday 😑
  9. For me doesn't track anything, i played 3 games, ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 included, didn't unlock play any game challenge neither the world warrior.
  10. Not true, even if you are always online still undercounts your hours played.
  11. I don't have drift priblems in my duelsense controllers (i own 2), but the one who came with the console has one problem, the R2 button lost resistance, it's loose, anyone has this problem?, the button still works tho.
  12. This feature needs a fix for sure, some days works fine and some days it doesn't, the last few days the tracker has not increased the hours played of almost any of my games (im always online btw), i have seen complains about this since the launch of the ps5, i guess sony doesn't mind fixing this.
  13. Another physical Dragon Quest game for the collection, i only need the first builders to have every DQ game released on ps4. 😊 Pd: first post here so im not sure how to post the picture.
  14. Yes i read is called remastered version, Atlus said it will included all dlc, so i think no free upgrade, this is probably going to be the third time i buy this game. 😅
  15. I wonder if p5 royal will have a free upgrade, no confirmation?