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  1. You do realize the whole reason the Switch has been such a monumental success is because it’s a hybrid console right? The fact that the switch has outsold the PS4’s lifetime sales in the US should show you people love and want the flexibility of being able to play either in handheld or on the TV. You’re in the minority in that regard, and that’s not going to change. Now the joycons on the other hand yes there’s plenty of ways those can be improved, and at least with the drift part need to be improved.
  2. Yes it’s so disappointing how horribly Sony has handled distributing the PS5 compared to how Valve has handled getting the Steam Deck… I just got my 512 GB Steam Deck the other day thanks to them having real reservation spots while the PS5 is still impossible to get thanks to Sony catering to scalpers…
  3. More like $13 too high lol! They should be paying people to play that dumpster fire…
  4. So apparently Hogwarts Legacy is also coming to Switch and it’s NOT a cloud version. Gotta say, I never saw that one coming.
  5. I know it’s multiplatform, but man I really hope I can get lucky and get a PS5 this year and play that version. I’m so hyped for his game!
  6. #29: Star Wars Episode I: Racer Here’s a blast from the past! I remember playing the old PC version of this game during my childhood. I remember having fun with it, but after playing this version today, I also realize just how much I forgot about regarding this game. I’m glad I was able to revisit an old game and get a quick plat out of it.
  7. I’ve been hoping that Star Wars Episode I: Racer would eventually go lower in price in one of these sales, but I’ve finally decided to just forget about it and buy it. For me it’s both nostalgic and a quick and easy platinum.
  8. I just saw the trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. I’m pumped up for gen 9 because the visuals basically look like a modern Legends Arceus. My only gripe is with the starters. First impressions about them is that this is the worst starting trio of all time. The fire starter is easily the ugliest starter ever and it looks like a bad fake mon that some fan made. The water type starter design is the definition of lazy, it’s literally a duck with a hat. The grass one is the only one that I don’t hate, but even that one is “meh” to me. For the first time I’m strongly considering boxing my starter.
  9. #28: Marvel’s Spider-Man I’ve had this game for a few years now, but for some reason I kept putting it off. I love Marvel and Spider-Man, but for some reason it wasn’t until now that I got around to playing it. Anyway, this game’s biggest strength is easily the effortless web swinging around NYC that Insomniac managed to pull off. Combat was also fun for the most part, though fighting the same type of enemies throughout the game did start to wear on me by the end. The story was fantastic, with the best version of Doc Oc that I’ve ever seen. The biggest issue I had with the game was easily the MJ and Miles stealth sections. I absolutely hate forced stealth sections in games where getting caught results in a game over or in this case a mission failed. Thankfully the checkpoints are generous so it never felt like torture. Other than that though, I had a blast with Marvel’s Spider-Man, and I’m glad to be able to check this one off my backlog.
  10. I’ve completed Pokémon Legends Arceus. This is the most fun I’ve had with a Pokémon game since Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, or as far as mainline games go, since Emerald. Gotta give Game Freak a ton of credit, sure the graphics and performance issues have been run into the ground at this point, but there hasn’t been this much effort put into making a great Pokémon game since Black and White 2. Being a Pokémon fan had been rough over the last 10 years or so, but my faith in Game Freak at least for now has been restored. Since I now have the Shiny Charm, I’ll still play Legends Arceus from time to time attempting to get more and more shinies due to how easy it is to get them nowadays.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 3! That’s all that needs to be said! JUST KIDDING! Seriously though, that’s the only new announcement that caught my eye. Sure I enjoyed the trailer for the Fire Emblem Warriors 3 Houses game, but I honestly is it really worth picking up when you can always just play 3 Houses? I will admit I was happy to see that Mario Strikers is getting a new release for the first time since the GameCube era. I know there’s plenty of people who have been wanting a new Strikers game for many years, and I’m glad for them, even though I personally probably won’t be getting it. The only thing besides Xenoblade 3 that I know I’ll be getting is the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe pass. I knew Nintendo wouldn’t be making Mario Kart 9 given that 8 Deluxe continues to sell in the millions even though it’s been nearly 5 years since it’s come out. That game has pretty much become Nintendo’s GTA V in terms of being a continuous never ending cash cow.
  12. I never would’ve thought that this would happen when the season started. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I started watching football, the moment that the Bengals would be in the Super Bowl. Only one more win to win it all! WHO DEY!
  13. On a scale of 1-10, how much are you guys looking forward to Pokémon Legends Arceus? I’m at a 10 personally!
  14. #27: Virginia The only reasons I bought this game are because it’s currently on sale for $1.99 and I wanted something quick to plat, along with seeing the meta critic score. I’ll be honest here, I don’t get how anyone who calls themselves a video game critic could possibly have given this game higher than a 50/100, and that’s being generous. Terrible visuals, a nonsensical last 10-15 minutes or so, and no voice acting in a game that would’ve benefited greatly from that are the main reasons that this is the worst game I’ve gotten a plat for so far. I can see why this game is on sale by as much as it is. Didn’t expect much to begin with, and I can say for sure that I got what I paid for.