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  1. “What holiday memory puts a smile on your face?” The year where my sister and I got a PS1 and Nintendo 64. Those were the first home consoles we ever had, and thinking back on that moment puts a smile on my face.
  2. #24: Yooka-Laylee I ended up getting this game because the buddy duo bundle was at a really good price in a recent sale. That and I heard about how good the sequel is, but I decided to play this one first. It’s clear how much inspiration was taken from Banjo-Kazooie, but unfortunately the flaws outweigh the pros. The pro is that it’s a good looking game for an indie title. The cons are that it has a painfully generic soundtrack, an awful camera that makes some later parts of the game unbearable, the casino world as a whole along with the game’s final boss, and a generally unlikeable cast of characters, especially Laylee. Overall, this was a poor attempt at making a Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor and I’m glad I’m done with it.
  3. Undertale You don’t need to complete a playthrough to get the plat.
  4. ur mom is ur mom and ur mom is ur mom while ur mom is ur mom but ur mom is ur mom
  5. #23: Yakuza: Like A Dragon (PS4) I originally planned for this to be platinum 25, but I forgot that the milestones are for every 10 until 50, so I decided to just go for it without worrying about a milestone. Anyway, I’m a newcomer to the Yakuza franchise. I love JRPG’s, it’s my favorite genre, so this game in particular caught my eye. I’m not the type of guy who goes in depth into something in a post, so I’m going to keep this semi-brief. Like a Dragon is definitely one of my favorite games of the 8th generation of video games. The story gripped me from start to finish, and there were a couple of moments that completely caught me off guard. I loved the soundtrack, I’ve never seen that style of music used in a JRPG before. The side quests were a wonderful mix ranging from heartwarming to funny to just plain weird. I also loved the JRPG references spread throughout the game such as Dragon Quest and Pokémon. I really enjoyed the mini games, especially Dragon Kart. I could see the devs deciding to make a standalone spinoff Yakuza racing game featuring characters from the series’ history. The only thing didn’t care for about this game was the crazy grind requirement for the final post game dungeon. If you’re a fan of JRPG’s or of Yakuza, this is a must buy. I have other stuff I could say, but I’m tired and I spent enough time getting the plat lol.
  6. Nice! I’ve been really enjoying Like A Dragon, I’m currently preparing for the True Final Millennium Tower. I’m really looking forward to the next one, whenever it comes out.
  7. My feeling about the Bengals season just got a lot better today. Last week was a gut punch against a team they should’ve easily beaten. This week was their biggest margin of victory over the Steelers since the 90’s. Next up is the Jags on Thursday Night Football. I can’t wait!
  8. I got 3 from Yakuza: Like a Dragon.
  9. Wow, that was one of the best Nintendo Directs I’ve ever seen. Where do I start… eh, I’ll start with the end! FINALLY AFTER 4 YEARS, BAYONETTA 3 HAS A RELEASE DATE AND A GAMEPLAY TRAILER OMG! People are going to have different opinions about what the biggest highlight was, but for me, it was that trailer. When the trailer first started, I was wondering if it would be Bayonetta, but then the soldiers showed up and I wasn’t sure what was happening, then the mascot from Astral Chain popped up and I started feeling let down again, but then… witch time happened and I knew, the Umbra Witch is finally back! The other announcement that blew me away was Kirby and the Forgotten Lands. Kirby first came out the same year I was born, and yet has somehow never gotten the 3D treatment until now. I’m definitely looking forward to that one. I had heard the rumors about N64 games coming to NSO, and I believed it because of the N64 controller leak, so that didn’t surprise me, but what did surprise me is that Sega Genesis is also coming to the service. I wonder what the price for that expansion is going to be. The original KOTOR came out of nowhere. Anyone who’s not played that who is also a Star Wars fan definitely should get it, there or on Steam. As far as games previously announced, I could care less about Metroid Dread or Splatoon 3, but there’s an audience for those games and they’ll have something to look forward to. Mario Party Superstars is on my radar, but my concern is how online play will hold up. About the Mario movie, I actually forgot all about it until they talked about it. Not gonna lie, I laughed my @$$ off when they said Chris Pratt is gonna be voicing Mario. I have a feeling it’s going to be a trainwreck. The first thing they showed is the last thing I’ll mention in this post, Monster Hunter Rise is getting DLC, which I’m now looking forward to.
  10. I absolutely loved KOTOR back in the day, I’m looking forward to at some point seeing more info on the remake to see if I’ll be interested or not. Project Eve is also right up my alley. I still haven’t played Spider-Man yet, but I’m also interested in the sequel.
  11. #21: ARCADE GAME SERIES: Ms. PAC-MAN #22: ARCADE GAME SERIES: PAC-MAN Normally I post 1 at a time, but this time I had to pair them, I just had to. It wouldn’t feel right otherwise.
  12. Glad to hear about Sony reversing their upgrade decision. I preordered the PS4 special edition today because of that (and the awesome steelbook that’s coming with it).
  13. I’m in, I just need to remind myself once the 25th rolls around.
  14. I started thinking about this because I ended up forgetting about 20 being a platinum milestone (I thought it was 25). Have any of you ended up getting a milestone that you wish you would’ve saved another platinum or other trophy for? In my case, it’s Shenmue 2 being #20.
  15. #20: Shenmue II I finally decided to give this game a try. A few months ago, I completed Shenmue 1 and had mixed feelings about it. After playing 2, I still have mixed feelings about the series, but I have a bitter taste in my mouth now thanks to the awful command QTE’s. I already don’t like QTE’s to begin with, but the command ones are a whole new level of awful. I have no interest in returning to Shenmue now, I’m done with it. This franchise is not for me. I guess my 20th platinum milestone is a representation of how not everyone is going to like every game they play, even a game such as this that’s beloved by most people who played it.