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  1. I've been grinding for orbs for around 2 hours per day. Re-loading my save when I reach Lv99 (as my last save is at Lv93 so I can still get MP refill). So far I only gotten 1 glove orb
  2. I've been trying to get the Spear Orb in the Mana Fortress for hours and still haven't gotten it yet. I was at Level 80 when I first started killing the Tsunamis (the blue slimes) and I'm now Level 92. I get as low as 10 chests to as high as 20 chest per level, so I opened and analyzed at least 200 chests. No other grind took this long except for the Ninja gloves where I was battling 3 in the Underground City. On average other items took me 15-30 minutes per rare item (like I already got the 2 Axe Orbs). It is good thing v1.03 fixed the crashes. So far, I had yet one crash so the grind is not as bad as before. So, what item took you the longest? And how long?
  3. Support 7 - Clear a song with no scratches 9 - Do the tutorial about Play Customization Challenges 2 - Clear a song with Speed set at 7 3 - Clear a song with Speed set at 1 9 - Akihiko 8th Commu 10 - Do the tutorial about Fever 14 - Clear 3 songs with Speed set not at the default (which is 4)
  4. A suggestion to put games with online servers being closed in the front page and in the game's trophy page. Also another suggestion is to put a notice if a games server is already closed on the trophy page. So you know that the online trophies are unattainable.
  5. Nope. Nothing is missable. You can go back to areas. The first 2 are simple tasks. 4 are story trophies. 2 are secret bosses. 2 collect everything. And the gold is play the game again without getting hit.
  6. Basically each node has some requirement to Pass or Elite Pass to complete the node and go to the next. If you fail 3 times, you will skip a node and go to the next. The glitch from what I read (I haven't tried), basically when you lose it makes you skip multiple instead of one. This will only speed up for the Multiplayer Finished trophy as it only checks if you finished the very last node (so you still need to complete the node). You still need to Pass or Elite Pass all the nodes if you want the Multiplayer Completist trophy.
  7. Yes. This is the best method to boost the online. A ideal boosting lobby would be 4 players boosting and 4 players idling. This solves most of the requirements. The only issue is the 1st Place requirement which you start getting in like 15+ nodes. With the Qirex Prototype, combat matches end in like a minute.
  8. Thanks all. All done except the 24 hour trophy. I thought it would be grind for coins and tickets but right after I got all song trophy, I got the coin and ticket ones. Game was pretty easy IMO.
  9. What's the fastest way to get Miracle Coins and Premium tickets? Finishing a short song on extreme only got me about 1000 coins and 10 tickets.
  10. Dream Club GoGo Current header is wrong. Header is from Dream Club Host Girls On Stage. GoGo has a different set of girls. Unfortunately there is not much art to work with. So the best image so far is the background from the official website.
  11. Can anyone heart my level please?
  12. Hearted author, played and hearted levels foot_ball_nut bruno_gtz51 morrislevy leprodigalson salt_1993
  13. I need level plays, level hearts and author hearts. Thanks!