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  1. Yeah its never going to be on PS3 but its a massive and very good game , if you got a decent PC you should give it a go . Its my favorite PC game ever .
  2. I am a huge X3 Terran Conflict fan , do any of you guys like this game ? and are you excited about the up coming X3 Rebirth ?
  3. Pretty much all my favorites are from Bethesda
  4. My first game was Resistance Fall of man
  5. My main game is Boarderlands 2
  6. Hi , yeah there been a lot of people leaving the other site I am on , I don't really understand what its all about cause most of them are older members , sounds like a case of 2 warring camps to me but I honestly don't know the true reason .
  7. You should get an account with Lovefilm and get the 3 disk unlimited games for £14.00 . I have been doing this for months now and you save a fortune , plus you can spend all the money on booze and hookers
  8. Hello a fello Scot I see , nice to meet you
  9. My most favorite would be Skyrim without a doubt , its a fantastic game and pretty much every single trophy is something enjoyable in the game , no grinding or collecting and most importantly no on-line bullshit .
  10. I am playing about 3 ATM , my main game is Boarderlands 2 and also playing Arkham City for my 3D fix and also going through Dead Island GOTY edition , already got the platinum for this in the standard edition but the GOTY gives me another reason to play this excellent game .
  11. Hello to everyone . Have heard a lot of people talking about this site on PS3trophies.com some good some bad lol , I am here to check out what all the fuss is about , I never done an introduction on the last site because I never knew you could till I had been there too long to do one I love gaming and I am fairly new to the forums but liked it so far and have met some cool people , my favorite game is Skyrim and my favorite games are RPG's but will play anything as long as its good .