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  1. just terrible
  2. Turns out Heeks and Hicks are the same dogtag
  3. I need one more collectible for the archivist trophy and it seems to be hicks dog tag. I see videos of people getting it by searching the first body when exiting the elevator in VNC building. I joined someone else game and searched him, but didn't receive the dog tag. Is there a different way to get it or do I have to start in ng+?
  4. because it sucked and pc players had a huge advantage
  5. I am farming the underground cache in stark realities ad getting the two chests. I have opened 52 chests not counting the ones I've opened throughout the game and the trophy hasn't unlocked, does the crate with the waypoint on it only count?
  6. I've just done the math and it turns out that ill is missing one of both types of upgrades. Do you get one of each at the end or did I just miss 2 in the world?
  7. This does work as of Dec 19
  8. I just got it after 3rd chapter
  9. burnout paradise
  10. you have to join a friend who is in a server not in America or join through vpn
  11. I don't get it I got run like the wind in 2019 on ps4, are you talking about the ps3 version
  12. yes that's why I said every one besides armor-piercing is ass
  13. did you do it on ps4 or ps5
  14. you used the method that was shown in the guide i assume, the rdr2 one
  15. what turbo controller do you have?