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  1. Initially, I didn't do that, and seems like the entire save file was bugged. I started a new game and beat it again and followed the video exactly and it worked.
  2. tried that but it didnt work
  3. I tried it doesn't work
  4. I tried to do the insurgency exploit but I guess I didn't do it correctly, now I have the insurgency outline on the bottom right region and there are no missions for it. Is there a way to fix it?
  5. they are not even needed every one besides armor piercing is ass
  6. The lighting is super messed up, I just stopped playing as it was so annoying
  7. I have been wanting to play some more ps3 games, but I hate the ps3 controller. While the DS5 does work with some games I just want a. controller that will work with them all. Are there any ps3 third-party controllers that are around the same size as the ps5 controller?
  8. I know aftermath runs 60 fps but does the base game now run at 60 also?
  9. yea I just upgraded to the director's cut digitally and it seems to be working downloading, so I guess ill just go back to GameStop and refund it.
  10. Yes, it's only a 10GB update and I have 200 GB remaining. Also I rebuilt the database and its still happening.
  11. it is already installed and its still doing it, this is an old picture
  12. I recently bought Ghost of Tsushima directors cut and it copied the game but refuses to install the update. Could this be a problem with the disk? Another note is even though I bought it new it did not come with a manual or anything in it. Anybody who bought it for ps5 did your come with a manual or anything?
  13. Use firepower fate, always pick up the first person powerups as they give you a free 10 seconds of invulnerability, and just get lucky with powerups
  14. Is it possible to do this glitch while using the ps4 version of the game upgraded to the ps5? Update: It did work as of August 10th, 2021
  15. Turns out you don't have the equipment during the level, but when you go to the next level it gives you all your previous equipment.