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  1. Resident Evil 2 for this years in my honest opinion. Hunk's mission was the real challenge toward the platinum
  2. Resident Evil 2: Only stuck on the horde DLC & would not want my 97% done get lower Mortal Kombat 11: Was very proud to 100% another MK game, please don't have DLC trophies like MKX.
  3. Gravity Rush on Vita since you were 2 trophies away from the platinum. Though a bonus one is Resident Evil 5 on PS4 since it's really easy with co-op.
  4. Reach 130 platinums to take my break from trophy hunting (Only be a bit just got family stuff to deal with for a bit)
  5. Alien The Thing Hellraiser Re-Animator Pumpkinhead (Not in order for the 5 but I have watched these all enough to qualify as my top 5)
  6. If I got married, but nearly pushing 30 & not happening so I guess nothing at the moment haha
  7. That you like older platformer games Jealous of super meat boy platinum to be honest haha (Sorry meant for SlimSanta94) Well for Mikey, I'd say you really love Bioshock from your cabinet haha
  8. Resident Evil 2. Was excited the day it was announced & still love playing it even after 100% the main trophy list
  9. Marvel Vs Capcom 3, 7 years though like a month or 2 away from 8 before I got it. Got the majority of the trophies in the first week but then gave up from the missions for years. Only went back to it last month & got the platinum.
  10. Godzilla on PS4 I love his movies but the game was such a grind to 100%
  11. Mortal Kombat 9 on PS3. The win streak is a matter of luck with players online quite a bit.
  12. Resident Evil 7 Though if you get RE2 would recommend that since it's great to platinum if you can deal with replaying it 6 times.
  13. Having picked up Resident Evil 2 & Kingdom Hearts 3 Collector editions. I'm just waiting for these 3 Devil May Cry 5 Mortal Kombat 11 Catherine Full Body
  14. Got a launch PS4 & a PS4 Pro just so I could play RE2 in 4K on my 4K TV. Though I did buy my best friend a PS4 Slim. So technically I've bought all current standard versions of the PS4 (So not like limited editions for example)
  15. How To Train Your Dragon 3. Only got into the series late last year when my best friend has been at me to watch em. 3 is fantastic though, really hope they don't make a 4th since that was a perfect way to end a trilogy.