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  1. That is super weird because I've been talking to people who recently got the trophy and most of them have said that jumping off repeatedly worked just fine for them. It worked just fine for me to get the 100 matches trophy 2 days ago but 500 just doesn't pop for me. Arcade mode worked on my alt to get the steam achievements up to 100 too. Jumping off the map instantly should still be considered a party match. It's just really stupid and lazy that there isn't a tracker for this in any way.
  2. Party Animal seems to bugged and broken, at least for me. I've tried all of the methods listed on this thread and I still don't have the trophy. 400+ matches in arcade running off the stage with an alt account, 500+ running off the stage in bot matches with my alt account and other people. 0 help from WB support neither. If anyone has any info to help it would be much appreciated.