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  1. Nice. Yea I had to be super careful going back on the trailer because I finished with 11 seconds left on the clock and the tiniest bit of damage remaining. @amurnin100 Lucky you. I believe after the update, the crashes on 5 and 7 were fixed as I had to go back and do them a million times AGAIN 🤬 to make sure it actually counted those two. There still seems to be crashing on 1 as I re-did that one as well. I can’t say this with certainty though but prior to the update, 5 and 7 would crash every single time but they didn’t after the update. And I’m not trying them again to find out lol. I just hope that by going back through each one and making sure it goes back to the main menu after it will finally trigger the trophy to pop and that it’s not permanently stuck. I’ve redone 5 and 7, just need to do the other 7 🙄. On the discord, someone picked up that it was mainly the timed challenges that crashed so I’m hoping like hell that after successfully doing the remaining timed challenge (the first one) that it will pop….otherwise I’ll have to redo he other 6….and even then it might still not pop….in which case I will burn my entire console to the ground lol. I thought that was the hardest one, until I discovered that the 8/9 trick didn’t work on the expert challenges and I had to do the castle one which I deliberately left out because I thought that would be the hardest and boy was I right. I struggled so hard with that one cause of the grass line that touched up against the concrete walls round the whole perimeter. That shit took me DAYS to complete.
  2. We’re more trying to determine if the DLC expert challenges CAN count towards the base game expert challenge trophy because of the crashes upon completion (at least in the base game) preventing the trophy from popping. So, let’s say for example you’ve done all 9 expert challenges in the base game but 3 of them keep crashing after you finish no matter how many times you try, can you successfully return to the main menu after completing 3 of the DLC expert challenges to make up the other 3 and get the base game’s expert challenge trophy to pop? Also, I believe you only have to finish the first 8 for the amateur and professional challenges but have to complete all 9 for the expert challenge one. Interesting that you say that. One thing I noticed when watching a guide video for expert challenge 5 and 7 (by far the hardest two imo) was that the grass wasn’t pressed up as hard against the edges such as the the big round stone well thingy in the castle one and the big 4 tress in the corners of each section in the royal garden one. Now I’m pretty sure from memory that the poster was playing on Series X and I’m playing on PS4 so it could be for that reason it’s easier on the new gen consoles. On PS4 there’s zero gap between the grass and objects so you have to spend a lot more time being super careful not to touch them cause “damage” to your mower. Don’t know why it’s this way, could just be an oversight by the developers, a coding/porting error or just that they decided to piss off previous gen players because there definitely was a sizeable gap between the grass and objects in the video that I saw. I ended up using the strimmer and going round some of the edges then running back to my mower and doing the rest on the castle one because there was no way I was gonna do it without wrecking my mower and finishing it in time. Couldn’t agree more. This game is dead to me once I’m done. The expert challenge trophy is the last one I need and I’m never buying one of these low budget “sImUlaToR” games again until they’ve been out for a while, fixed and I can see that people are getting the platinum more consistently. Probably more frustrating than the overly floaty physics and unrealistically low tolerance for “damage” on those impossible timed expert challenges is the absolutely terrible opacity on the gauges. It’s impossible to even see how close you are to overloading your engine because it’s a white meter on a very light grey background and same with the damage meter etc so it’s like the game is not even giving you a chance to succeed. If you could see the gauges more clearly you would know exactly how hard to pull the triggers so that you’re not wasting time having to stop/start all the time because you keep accidentally and unknowingly overloading your engine due to not being able to see how full the circle gauge is getting.
  3. So do you have the expert challenge trophy? If so, did it pop after completing all 9 in the base game or did you have to do one or two in the DLC for it to pop? I’m just not sure if the DLC expert challenges contribute to the base game’s trophy. But if it does, I’d still have to get a total of 9 completed without it crashing afterwards, correct? I can’t remember how many crashed, it could be all of them so I might do all the DLC ones and still not get it. Can anyone else share or confirm?
  4. Are they a real pain in the ass to do though? I’ve lost count of the amount of time I’ve spent doing and redoing challenges 5 and 7 to try and get a successful return to the main menu. I have finally succeeded on those two but guess I need to do redo all the others but I just cbf putting any more effort into the game. I tried redoing 1 again as that’s that’s the only other timed challenge and apparently it’s mainly those ones that crash and after 45 minutes of boring grindy mowing, I was just like “[email protected]!& it”.
  5. No, but I struggle to see how this would help exactly. Would you mind explaining?
  6. The game only has one region in terms of trophy lists, so anyone who doesn’t want to wait for the US version to get patched can purchase the game using a Euro account (and still play it using their US account) to get the platinum. I don’t see any reason why your existing US save game won’t work on the Euro version either seeing as there’s only one stack, so you should be able to pick up where you left off, otherwise you may have to restart the whole game. Maybe someone else can confirm this? I’ve already got the platinum so am not buying it again to find out lol. Buzz Buzz
  7. Anyone else not having this trophy pop? I’ve done all the expert challenges and it’s showing 9/9 but no trophy. Doesn’t help that the game crashes nearly every single time you finish one of the challenges.
  8. Yea I just finished the last of the expert challengers after MANY attempts and my trophy hasn’t popped. The game often crashes when you finish one of these challenges but it still saves the progress as it’s says I’ve done 9/9. Anyone know how to fix this?
  9. Ok yea you still have to do the online trophies during the 2 day the trial period as at 21/3/22. Doesn’t even let you enter or buy a code. Just get an error message as soon as you try. So fair warning anyone going for the platinum. Also, you don’t have to do whole races online for it to count.
  10. Hey y’all. I know I’m a bit late to this party, but just wanted confirmation around this. From what I’ve read, the online pass is now just a free add on as EA has done away with them. I have just bought the physical copy which I plan to start soon and just wanna make sure I can get the platinum. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance.
  11. Are you meaning how to beat them? Sorry if any of these sound obvious, but just covering off everything in case there’s something you might’ve missed. 1. Max out your Digimon to their highest level and generation. 2. Try to have Digimon that have INT or DEF piercing damage for their special moves. 3. Make sure you’re using the right type to fight with ie. vaccine against virus, data against vaccine, virus against data. If they’re also the right attribute ie fire against plant, that’s a bonus but you can’t always have both and the correct type is far more important than the correct attribute. I carried with me 3 Digimon of each type and 2 free ones for maximum effectiveness on any given opponent, especially when there’s only one or they’re down to the last one. 4. Go in with 11 Digimon and have as many recovery/revive items as you can afford in case a few die. 5. Set difficulty to Normal if you’re playing on hard. 6. Attach moves that match the Digimon’s stats ie physical attacks for Digimon that have higher attack stat and magic attacks for Digimon that have higher INT stat. Or just stick to their special moves. 7. In battle try and take out one enemy completely before moving onto another, but this strategy is up to you. I personally set my Digimon’s personality type to builder/searcher so I could evenly spread out the bonus stats and then attached SPD A equipment on all of them to get the most turns first in battle. But you can adjust these according to your preference and playing style. Main thing is to utilize all of your ABI points, whichever stats you choose to allocate them to. Do you have your 9 PlatinumNumemon and 9 Tactician USBs for quickly leveling up your mons? Do you know about adjusting your mon’s stats using ABI, personality type and restraint chips? How far through the game are you? Let me know if any of this helps or if you have any questions or are still struggling.
  12. Haha yes thank you for that. I read that guide as well as many others but just wasn’t sure if only your bonus stats increased or your base stats did too. I have since gained a better understanding of the farm and how the points system works and now realize that only your bonus stats are affected. You can then obviously then change them however you like with the use of restraint chips and farm goods/food, but the only base points affected are from the personality type which adds about 5% but is then removed if you change to a different personality type and added to that related stat. Thanks again, it’s much appreciated. The more I play this game the more I appreciate it. These complex systems actually allow for a complete level of freedom over how you customize your Digimon and are actually quite beautiful in the way they work. I’m getting a lot more out of it than the first Cyber Sleuth game as I didn’t embrace/utilize them fully in that one. I also really like how you can digivolve/de-digivolve to different Digimon to gain their moves and then change back to the one you had to cover off a variety of different elements.
  13. Right, so you’re saying they won’t add points to your base points and are therefore not permanent? It just speeds up gaining of the bonus points to that particular stat but is still capped by the ABI limit. Am I understanding that correctly? I’m just wondering if I’m missing out on potentially increased overall stats by not using them, but then theoretically you could raise every stat to 999 which I don’t think is possible.
  14. Just a little confused about the stat boosting farm items such as punching bag and study room. How do these work exactly? Do they actually add more points to either your base or bonus stats or do they just speed up the rate at which your bonus stats (ABI) get applied? My understanding is the maximum number of bonus stats you can get is capped at 150 provided you have the max ABI of 200. If they do increase your base stats, do you still get these gains if your Digimon are already at max level or do you have to de-Digivolve them to allow the increase to be applied as you level up? I know your bonus stats will continue to increase at max level if you haven’t already used them all up. Thanks in advance.