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  1. When I try to get into a match this error code comes up after 10 minutes. I have tried many different things but I can't get into a game. I live in Australia and on doing some research many in Australia have a similar problem, but it isn't a server issue because Squadrons is on PS Plus! If anyone has any ideas on how to fix it that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I think there is going to be a decline because many will try the game and not go for the platinum as it is quite challenging. However only time will tell.
  3. Yes I saw that leak. From my experience a game that gets added to PS Plus decreases in percentage, but anyone feel free to correct me if that usually isn't the case. If it does go down from PS Plus then it could get very low soon.
  4. Oh ok I didn't know it was added to EA Play so that makes sense. Thanks!
  5. So, I've noticed that this platinum is slowly going down. As of today the platinum is 0.99% which is quite low. Now this game is quite hard with completing the game on Ace, 1000 dogfighter kills and lots more grind. But most games (at least from my experiences) usually go up or stay similar. However the percentage is dropping pretty significantly and I can only think of two reasons. New people getting the game will most likely not go for the platinum but I can't really think of why many people are still getting the game now. Many old people with the game will probably have given up on the platinum which explains it a bit better. Anyone have any other ideas of why this platinum is still going down?