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  1. Same here, glad I’m not the only one
  2. Nope, you’re good!
  3. Well, it did only go on to sell 3 copies.
  4. Believe so. Nomura said in an interview a good while back that this was originally the intro to KH3, but they had to separate it because it hindered the pacing (and because KH3 was already long enough). So if that is anything to go off of, this is technically the KH3 demo, in which case KH3 could end up being the best KH game ever made!
  5. There's a ton of great stuff coming out this year, I can't wait! Off the top of my head, I am most excited for: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Horizon Zero Dawn Mass Effect: Andromeda Persona 5 Injustice 2 Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Super Mario Odyssey I'm sure there is more, and plenty that have not even been announced yet for a release date, so this list will be updated and longer for sure!
  6. Currently working my way slowly through Arkham City Remastered (great memories playing this game again, loved it when it came out back in 2011) and Persona 4 Golden (loving every second of it). Will be throwing Fallout 3 and Dishonored into the mix here soon, to prepare for Dishonored II next week.
  7. Same here, reached rank 2 in medic and nothing... UPDATE: Just got it at rank 4 UPDATE 2: Very weird, I hit rank 2 on assault and got it, but hit 2 on support and didn't get it...
  8. Without a doubt right now, Uncharted 4.
  9. I've played all the games and have fond memories of playing 1,2, and 3. 4 completely blew me away though so I have to go: 1. Uncharted 4 2. Uncharted 2 3. Uncharted 3 4. Golden Abyss 5. Uncharted 1 I absolutely adore all games so this isn't saying a lot, but 4 was something unbelievable, and I can safely say 4 is my favorite game of all time currently.
  10. My first platinum was God of War III. I did not have a PS3 at the time the game came out, but I remember heavily enjoying God of War II on the PS2, and looked up some gameplay to see how the third one was. It pretty much sold me. So two months later on my birthday I received my PS3 and God of War III and LittleBigPlanet as my first games. I enjoyed both to death, but I moved onto other games and started juggling between playthroughs of various games. I decided to go for a Platinum trophy and decided God of War III would be the first game to receive Platinum treatment since I enjoyed the game so much. I now don't go for Platinums as much as I used to, and that is not usually the main focus when I play a game, but if it's a game I thoroughly enjoy, I'll go for the Platinum if it looks like something I could accomplish and not too insane with its requirements. Funny thing, is that when playing God of War III for the first time, I sucked a ton on Normal difficulty and changed to Easy at Hades...but when I played the game on Hard, I breezed through the whole game like it was nothing. Very odd but I'm not complaining.
  11. I'm personally loving this game! Pretty good so far