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  1. So basically all I need to do is beat the game with the yellow hat then get Cool on all stages. This'll be a nostalgic trip back to 2002.
  2. Grandia II. A remaster of it appeared on Steam to huge fanfare, can't see why a PS4 release of it would harm anyone.
  3. Unlocked Shadestep for my Nightstalker around half an hour ago and the trophy didn't pop. Tried activating all upgrades, swapping subclasses, going to Orbit, changing characters, signing out then in again, to no avail. What's weird is that I unlocked Warlock Mastery by using Stormcaller. Anyone know how to fix this or do I have to go on another arduous grind with Gunslinger/Bladedancer just to get the trophy to pop?
  4. ObsCure despite the ironic name is rather obscure, didn't find many copies of it in shops until it released on Steam.
  5. Hyped for this but if Bungie add weapons in, just like what that pile of crap Mario Kart does I'll be pretty infuriated. Racing is an art that only the best should succeed in, not someone who can't corner properly, needs to ram you off to overtake you or use a silly powerup to gain an advantage.
  6. I prefer using Amazon these days, I only go to GAME when I'm looking for something preowned to give a try.
  7. Didn't fall for the hype that Fallout 4 generated but I feel the pain of those that went for the PipBoy edition. No wonder why I always go for the standard edition.
  8. Yup, Europe got the Tales of Symphonia avatars, we got Tales of Xillia 2 avatars as well. Japan got them too.
  9. Gonna say Deadpool and MGS HD Collection (physical). Saw Deadpool once in the preowned section for like £30 and the MGS HD Collection (also pre-owned) for around £15.
  10. Ultimate Gohan variation with the sword. It was in Super DBZ, which I played the hell out of.
  11. First big upset of the tournament, Japan beat South Africa 34-32. What a match that was.
  12. Well this was inevitable. Kinda makes sense for them to focus purely on PES, given the massive increase in popularity the series has got in the past few years.
  13. Skye (Grandia 2)
  14. Since KT have it, it makes me wonder if the inevitable Lu Bu cameo will happen.
  15. Also don't forget that Rika, Pinkerton and Wetsuit Elena apparently don't fit in the Uncharted universe whilst Spyder and that bloody Capture Trooper do.