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  1. Oh wow... was just practicing on Kickbeat (PS3) to try and get further on Survival mode (18 tracks target, previous PB 15)... I remember finding the Survivor trophy (pass 10 tracks) pretty brutal at the time, and I have a video of it online... well, I just accidentally passed 29 tracks, lol. Gonna try and catch it on record next time.

    1. Hemiak


      Nice work man.

  2. Well... I got 100% for this game, but I did not do well at all. The trophy Master of the Secrets was the problem. I completed all the bonus levels on hardcore mode, got no trophy. Completed all the other hardcore levels, still no trophy. I deleted my saves then completed most of the bonus levels on normal, but before I did all the game switched to hardcore again... I couldn't figure out how to get back to normal mode. Luckily I did eventually figure it out... I even made a video about it. So, only one of the hardcore worlds actually unlocks any trophy.
  3. Kickbeat 100%! It's not the easiest one. :D

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    4. SQUIDWARD32


      Soon I'm going to go for Chariot, the other hard PS+ game... and I see the platinum is a monster! I don't know if it's more difficult than this game or simply longer... or both... either way, I'm up for the challenge because I'm almost unstoppable... haha. :P

  4. I loved the songs in this game, some especially! It was so nice not to have artists like Kylie Minogue, One Direction, Aviici, Katy Perry or whatnot... if it had been I certainly wouldn't have played. Really fun game, enjoyed it very much. Hardest track: It's difficult to say. If I had to pick one it would have to be Propane Nightmares - it's the longest track in the game and the enemies come so rapidly, and it took me WAY longer than any other track to survive on my first master playthrough, and a few attempts to 5-star... it is a nightmare! That said, when I got to survival mode, I found myself struggling most with Tug-o-War far more because of its very tricky rhythm. Fighters was also very tricky, but for some reason I hardly saw it at all when playing survival mode... but I think Propane Nightmares was a harder track... certainly when I was going through story mode. Easiest track: For the trophy Pure Perfection, Scum of the Earth was the one I chose also. Short track with few enemies, all very much on the beat. In Survival mode, I was most happy to see Nine Thou... enemies came very slowly and it was very easy to see who was next. That said, it wasn't picked. :3 Favourite: Loads of them... sorry but I loved Takedown, it was one of my favourites... that said I can understand why one wouldn't. I had many other favourite tracks, can't pick one... Switchback, It's Goin' Down, Ultranumb, War Dance, Scum of the Earth, Boom, Last Resort, Tug-o-War... Least favourite: None, liked all of them. Hardest trophy: Survivor. Had to go back and practice some of the hardest tracks where I kept losing way too much health (Tug-o-War mostly)... and after I had and I'd made it to Round 10 I was very nervous because I knew I was only allowed to be hit twice more... luckily I only took one hit and got the trophy with 5% health left. Had I have got hit just once more from Track 4 onwards I would not have made it.
  5. Yes it is possible.
  6. Is there a way to hyperlink text in this forum?

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      Yea, if you look for the chain in the toolbar above your text, you'll be able to highlight text, go to that chain and then put a URL into the text box it generates.

    2. SQUIDWARD32
  7. I am now a premium member. :D

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      ^I was going to say that. But now it'd look like I was copying you, so I shan't.

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      Woop !!! All for one and one for all ;)

  8. Sorry for late reply... I said it slightly wrong in the starting post. It wasn't Tidux who said it would be announced at PS Experience, rather that was my new friend, but he was just guessing from Tidux's Sep 23rd post on Twitter (it said "Don't like your PSN ID?"), and that PS Experience is coming. I actually wasn't aware about the Paris Games Show, I haven't been following these things as much as I should.
  9. Impossible to say either way, but I am kind of hopeful. About Sony's reason, what would the bullies choose, provided they're not long-term trophy hunters (hopefully banned before they get there)? Change their username... their email and/or ID could still be tracked, a messaging history would still exist and count as awesome evidence, they'd still be blocked by the same people who blocked them before, and they may have even had to pay! And hopefully there would be limits. Or would they create new accounts like they have been for the past 9 years?! In other words, I just don't see how this opens any new doors for bullies.
  10. ^ Indeed. Sadly it appears Tidux is not reliable, though if nothing happens then we can be certain. And yes, the last reason given was unbelievably weak.
  11. Hello, For the last week I have heard a bit about a Twitter user named Tidux, who has apparently suggested on Twitter we will soon be able to change our PSN username. One thing I'd really like to do on PSN Network is change my ID/username, I chose it a long time ago and it isn't me anymore. Today somebody even added me on PSN to tell me that Tidux had hinted we would see something with PlayStation Experience this December, and that a username change is in the works and could be available by December. I know very little about who Tidux is, but his veracity does appear to be questionable. Some say he's an industry insider, while others say he's not trustworthy at all. But then, if nothing happens, we'll know for sure he's not a credible source. My question: does anyone know more about Tidux and his record than I do? Should I trust him? Has he been right or wrong in the past?
  12. Funnily enough, it appears he uploaded a video on the same day, check his playlist. I saw a guide from another video as well, he said he had to upgrade the hero to Level 10 in order to complete the mission with 5 stars. Certainly worth checking one or both.
  13. Looks like I forgot to select the 20 seconds of my song... but I've edited my post now... hopefully it still counts?
  14. Mine is the very same person who posted above me. Haha.
  15. Seeing as I apparently made my last post too early, I'll post again. We can't get much more epic than Epica themselves... 3:28 - 3:48 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQMkyWaYwBA