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  1. Well since I had only 2 usb spots I thought I was screwed, but actually I used my old drum set and guitar from rb2. Then my bluetooth guitar and bluetooth headset that came with the system when I bought it. I don't even think the mic worked but the game did recognize it so it will work just for this trophy. The mic didn't actually work for me when I tried to sing with it but for the trophy it'll do just fine.
  2. Nevermind, found a way around to get the trophy. Thanks though
  3. Would I be able to share play with someone that has a guitar and help me get this trophy? I think it has to be locally but I only have one guitar, drums and a mic. Was just wondering if this game even supports share play.
  4. I can tell you're a Harry Potter fan and looks like you also go for a lot of easy plats.. but that's ok because I do too sometimes. Although Hannah Montanas different because I was actually a fan of the show...
  5. Cody, there are so many for me to pick from for you lol.. why don't you stick with games? You should go back to Kingdom Hearts and get that. I got it and it was so much fun.. but I may be biased since it's my favorite game of all time.
  6. 007 For Your Eyes Only. Watching all the Bonds in order, not sure what my favorite is so far.. probably Live and Let Die or possibly From Russia with Love. Both were pretty cool.
  7. Yeah it's not super hard, there are some parts that will get you frustrated, but they're completely doable. Uncharted 2 was way harder than 3. Just remember that cover is your best friend. Play it safe and just hide hide hide.
  8. Cars would be cool I think. Brave would be terrible and Marvel would never happen. It doesn't really fit.. although it would be kind of cool too, I don't think it should be in there. And especially not Star Wars.