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  1. I didn’t realize til I booted up the multiplayer game mode but you can earn the 2 mp trophies vs a bot. Just letting everyone know 🙂
  2. If anyone is curious, the best way I found to unlock trophies for both versions is to get to where you can claim the reward, but before you claim you want to cloud save and then exit the game, disconnect from the internet and then open the game back up and claim it. You then should be able to switch versions and claim the reward in that as well through the old cloud save. Personally I used my ps5 for the 5 version and my PS4 for the 4 version because I didn’t know for sure if the 4 would pick up the local save from the ps5 version of the game. So if you have both a 4 and a 5 I would recommend you doing that.
  3. I'm wondering though once you complete the task and wait to claim, when you do it on the other version won't it cloud save and you won't be able to claim on the original? Can you log in on both at the same time and hit claim together?
  4. Is anyone else having issues connecting? I’m trying to just do anything from the MP menu and it won’t let me, coming up with some kind of dialog box error and saying the EA servers are currently offline. Edit: if anyone else runs into this issue, I just needed to download the online pass from the ps store apparently. And it also took a little bit for it to take effect. I couldn’t play MP immediately after I downloaded the pass
  5. Really hoping these get patched soon.. several of these seem to be unobtainable. I have a few that I have on my trophy cabinet in-game but haven’t popped yet.
  6. This really is not bad at all. I didn’t watch any videos and came up with my own strategy. All I did was immediately jump up top to the gargoyles, swing to the right 3 times until you get to a balcony with a guy on it. A few seconds in, another guy will come outside onto the balcony. I threw my caltrops, hitting both of them and I had time to ground takedown both of them and get back onto a gargoyle before anybody showed up. I went back across the top to the spawn and jumped onto that balcony and waited in the grates for people to just wander over and I would take them out one by one, making sure nobody else was close that could shoot me while I was performing a takedown out of the grate. Eventually someone will stumble out onto the balcony in front of the grate and that’s when I did the beat down. It takes a lot of patience but I did it on my 3rd try.
  7. The news box in game mentioned about a patch on the 10th, which is today. Not sure if it's the patch to fix the trophy problems.
  8. I’m having the same issue but instead of 10 seconds it’s more like every minute or so. Very annoying but not enough to tell people not to buy the game. I’m still enjoying it.
  9. I bought a turbo controller specifically for this game because I was not going to sit there for hours and hours pressing a button nor going through random levels for hours on end either. I went to the sound mode where you search for an instrument and then place it down and then hit L1+X to open the creating menu up. Then I set my turbo to Triangle and set a hammer on top of it to keep it pressed down. I did have to hold Options down every 5 to 10 minutes because the Imp drifted off the screen though. Doing about 8 hours of this a day took me like 5 days from ~level12 to 30.
  10. The DLC is not active, you will have to boost that if you want to do those. But there are several very active servers still up and running all the time.
  11. Very strange.. I just got it to pop by going back to just doing 2 player matches. I used my main and Guest1 and did not let the controllers ever turn off before I got the trophy. So the 4 people must not be a requirement.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried several different times playing with 4 people and I haven’t got it to pop again yet even on guest accounts. If I can ever get it to pop I will try your method.
  13. I can’t figure out how to log in to my main from the guest account. I got it to pop on the guest after 9 games but it won’t let me log in. And it oddly only popped for the 1st guest and not the other 2 players.
  14. I had to do it twice but the reason it didn't unlock the first time was that one of the players dropped out midgame and rejoined. It has to be 4 people the entire mission and no one can leave the lobby until it is completed.
  15. This one won’t unlock for me even after playing 10 games with the 4 players in the game. I used the 2 controller method with logging in as different guests. I also played 10 before I saw that this was an issue and required 4 people lol