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  1. Its out £19.99 but you get both ps4 and ps5 version for that. Im still playing through it on game pass, ill wait for the ps version to have a sale plus im still badgering the dev about a physical release. When this was announced, on xbox at least they said there was a hard copy coming. As yet they have not delivered on their word. I prefer to actually own my games.
  2. So you plan on stalking player achievers so you can report them? Wow you really do have no life.
  3. Sony never once officially announced this. It came from 3rd party sources. Why would Sony ban an easy flow of money? This is how much Jim Ryan cares about the gamer now. You are nothing to him. Just a supply of money. This crap will continue for the forseeable future. The new releases is infested with them. Sony didnt ban anything, people just read a twitter post that they did. This shite is still rife throughout the store.
  4. Releases 5pm GMT. Should be live now.
  5. Ubisoft games seem to have an issue with conflicting netcodes across platforms. Recently the Xbox 360 servers were restored and this is around the time ps3 reported having problems again. It doesn't take an expert to see what has happened here. Restoring one version has broken the other.
  6. Its permadeath and how it should be. A challenge should be a challenge, it shouldn't be watered-down for a new gen of gamers who cry that games are too tough as soon as it gives them a challenge. The original game was brutal and so should this be.
  7. No, its a complete con and a rip off. The lack of content theyve dropped not to mention the forced you cant downgrade to a lower tier, that Sony has done, avoid with a 100ft bargepole.
  8. All 100 percent can be done after shutdown. The game that has online trophies is the sequel Catalyst. Has server based trophies. This one online was just leaderboards but better to play offline anyway.
  9. Decent looking list and given the game is apparently 90 percent faithful to the original source code and design, that impossible mode trophy will be a decent challenge. Shame DS2 wasnt remade instead as its by far the best of the series, but this will be good nonetheless.
  10. Off topic is anyone is up for a challenge and wants tribute Ruan, Wuppo is reduced currently in the PSN Sales. Ruan wrote the guide for this game so it will be a good remembrance of him. Its £2.99 GBP for the deluxe edition.
  11. It has been posted on sky news and thus may be inaccurate, but if this is true, RIP Ruan you were a good help on playstation trophy hunters group on Facebook. This is yet another reason why i (as an ex air scout), will never fly.
  12. I suspect this dlc is going to be at risk, in UK at least the new Dead Space game is coming with a preorder bonus of a free copy of Dead Space 2 on ps5 and xbox. Which supposedly means a new port which will likely have all dlc and extraction together in one package. This version is at high risk of stealth delisting so if you need it, get it now.
  13. Randomly found it yesterday on google, its got absolutely glowing reviews. Theyve got the rarest japanese shit ive found in ages including Blood on the Sand JP edition, but they aint got Lego Batman 360 annoyingly, and that is seriously rare.
  14. You need a PAL copy for the german DLC. The german version is PAL despite being different and will work with a standard EU issue PAL disc. It will NOT work with a NTSC US disc.