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  1. Oh you are having a bubble, you mean i rushed that abysmal online mode for nothing! Still least its done now
  2. if you have an ace card it just means it hasnt updated. You will get your trophy within 24hrs of next logging in.
  3. if you arent seeing any its because you have more than 49 ps3/vita friends. Delete some and sign out and back in and they will work
  4. Only ME2 gets all DLC. ME3 does not
  5. Ok so the trophies are still glitched and its caused by base game and DLC not merging properly. Finish off all base game trophies first and as soon as you finish the credits and the platinum, quit game and close game. Reload and play as normal and all trophies will pop at the time you hit their requirements. If you continue playing staright from your save to the DLC without closing down you will pop NO trophies until you do restart the game.
  6. Ok locking this thread now, its gone way over the amount i expected.
  7. Id actually recommend using Shadow body. Reason is, shes the fastest. And if you poison the water he will die anyway. But Bone will rinse the shield. Warning, this guy is piss easy compared to the Atomic Leviathan. I strongly recommend you follow THIS video for That. Ignore the 2 min one where the guy claims to have beaten it quickly, that video is awful and his method is impossible.
  8. Ac3 wolfpack 25 and then Far cry 3 DLC. Aint bothering with Ghost Recon its a crap game anyway. I think i did well getting all Ubisoft stuff done Well in time (Driver/ACs/Splinter Cell)

  9. Corr class 37s. Sorry in a train buff way but they are legendary locomotives. You can hear them coming for miles. This one is reduced to £8.99 in the sale atm. Its on the in game store list.
  10. Now do the dlc and seriously good luck with the atomic leviathan. Its level 100 you will need it.
  11. Not scaremongering at all thanks, just saying people have gone out of control. But wtf theres a guy on there with well over a million.
  12. Once you learn the pattern and line up headshots, it drops to about 17 mins average. 12 mins is bragging and id say impossible. 12 mins jog on. Even Linford Christie couldnt do it in under 16
  13. Wasnt aimed at you it was aimed at the dickhead who said who cares about random players.
  14. Noone will do it. Its like AC3 the Pivot glitch. The solution is for people to play through the game on an alt account and then when they get the bugged pivot they just save the game. The bugged pivot stays trapped in an alt and bingo anyone else who wants the trophy has no issues. But that means playing through again and thats just something that wont happen. the guy above saying who cares about random players, is exactly what is wrong with this community
  15. its called respect for your fellow player. I bet you are the sort who joins a boosting session and fucks off as soon as your trophy pops leaving the rest of the players high and dry because there isnt enough players to continue.