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  1. You can just switch epic accounts by creating another epic account and go from there. Don’t worry once you log back to your main account your stuff is still there.
  2. WOOHOO! LETS GET KRAK… I mean cake 😅
  3. You shouldn’t worry. If you want to get trophies you can just switch epic accounts and go from there.
  4. Perhaps lmao
  5. I know this message doesn’t relate to the thread but Fall Guys Season 4 is delayed again for another 2 weeks… which means no trophy fix and possibly not even a main priority fix for Season 4 yikes…
  6. I don’t remember exactly because this season is like 5-6 months which is goddamn long. I don’t remember if this happened in season 2 where theres events like Big Yeetus and the ice slide hoops event which are easy events. But im guessing they might do something next season. But yet again keep your expectations low because these devs are just full of shit for not communicating and updating there game nowadays.
  7. To get Catwalk Model you have to wear a legendary or special top or a bottom.The only way you can get a free legendary is to get 200+ crowns which is tedious af. Or if you want to go for the easy way, you have to buy it from the store with real money. Same applies to the battle pass. Sadly theres no efficient way to get free legendaries or specials rn. I basically finished the battle pass (didn’t bought it) and having 120 crowns total. I just basically give up till season 4 arrives. I aint putting money into their game.
  8. R.I.P. to those trophy hunters that haven’t unlocked Infallible in this event. Next time it would probably be in Season 4
  9. Yea ik. I did it multiple times in the past. 1 during the big yeetus event (different psn account) and 1 during the ice slide ring event (before I switched epic accounts)
  10. Its funny how right now the platinum difficulty went from 10/10 to a 4/10 during this event. And once the event is over now its back to 10/10 lmao
  11. Yes everything stays in your locker so no worries
  12. Just got it 🙂. Also don’t be an asshole and grab people when they are about to jump. You can do that in regular modes which is fine but let people get their infallible trophies 👍🏻
  13. Nah man they have the nerve to fix the skins in the game in matter of minutes instead of the game. (I know I’m late but I just checked their bug reporter account) 💀💀💀. This is some Activision / EA shit
  14. Well you can get a free legendary item set and thats the Golden Witch skin. In which you have to get 444 crowns. So that means you have to grind alot for a very long time.
  15. Yea, don’t get your hopes up. Pretty sure they don’t care about it right now since there focusing other stuff in the game