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  1. It let me download the DLC for free in the store after I 100% the main game, I bought the digital copy months ago and must have included dlc
  2. I remember the DLC being free, you could just make an EU account and download it
  3. I did Mein Leben today and was just watching back my video of it, I missed this jump 5 times in a row at this section Ha! Bit of an error filled run overall if I’m being honest, but got it done.
  4. I always did 9 first, followed by 14 (just because I had too many cheap deaths jumping through the saws). By the time I finished I felt confident on all the levels, just a case of keeping it together.
  5. Decided to return to my no death runs after watching someone stream it, got a bit burnt out after playing it non stop when I first started. First started on PS4 but now playing on PS5 and finding the controller causes a lot of pain in my hand, considering buying a PS4 controller. Although did get missile boy done today! Interested hearing anyone who’s played with both PS4 and PS5 controllers
  6. Feel free to add me also: bethharmon
  7. Can immortal voodoo warrior be done on any difficulty?
  8. Same as above, I voted 3/10 because of god mode, probably 4/5 without
  9. I was just about to get to the 52,000 points needed to get to PaP 3 from the first portal (Took ages), and my controller disconnected and I got killed.... noooo! ha ( No one make the same mistake.. )
  10. I did the hunting requests today and if you go in the morning to spots where robins spawn you should see them all the time, they weren't there for me at other times of the day
  11. Thanks! I went to an ambush camp and killed a human with 3 head shots, the weapon can go back in the locker now ha
  12. Hi, I'm trying to get the DLC trophy for killing an enemy with each sniper round that you get for the weapon in new game+. Killed swarmers with 3/4 types of ammo and I shot a few swarmers with multiple rounds with the gas dart ammo but it isn't killing them, has anyone else had an issue with this? (Playing on Survivor 2) Thanks
  13. Thanks a lot, big help!
  14. I've been been watching a few different videos for the no death runs and noticed one video where they use the pink knight to jump really high, however, I'm not able to do this. Does anyone know how to do it? The video in question is Beathminaz and they do it on Salt Factory Dark level 11. Thanks!