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  1. Well, it's been a while, but no, it isn't.
  2. Thanks! I'm still working on it =) My real life job is getting a little crazy these days, but I'm still making progress with the guide.
  3. I don't think they do. They appear during the very last chapter you can play as Prison Adol. Even if they did reappear, they would be listed somewhere else in the bestiary.
  4. This makes me want to document every single monster to ensure this doesn't happen to other players. Writing my new guide for the game is gonna suck, haha.
  5. Unfortunately for you, this is not a monster you can go back to. It's one of the sentries you have to defeat with traps. You have those with the swinging blades, which you already have, and then those with the cannons. They were in the mines.
  6. I had doubts because of the quest lemures, but I don't think any of those are missable. The quest in which you save Tito and Arche seems like a good culprit for that. The second quest involving Saradhi could also have been problematic. Those are just two examples. I guess I should do a no quest run just to see.
  7. Both of them can be found in "Flight of the Monstrums", under the "Grimwald Reprisal" option in Dogi's menu. One of them is the angel, the other is the boss that spawns after breaking 80 lacrimae. Hope this helps!
  8. The way I went around doing the petals videos is by focusing on a single district at a time, start at the entrance, then run and collect petals in a pre planned route that covers all of them. I thought it worked quite well. I can confirm some quests are indeed locked behind some blue petals, especially late in the game. The rest of what you pointed out is already in my previous guide, and will definitely stay there! Thanks a lot
  9. Sup fellows: I'm about to finish my 6th playthrough of the game, and I'm feeling ready to start writing an update to my previous guide for this game (the Japanese version on playstationtrophies). I've already sent a bunch of fixes to an admin on there for that guide, but I'll make a better one for the English version. I'd like to know what you guys would like to see in it. I'll probably scrap the gigantic walkthrough entirely since it shouldn't be needed in this version, but I'll instead put a LOT more screenshots and videos. The vast majority of maps will have their own screenshots. Petals will have their own video (I messed up Noble District in my current playlist on the topic and accidentally collected a Cultural Heritage Site petal, so once I'm done with this playthrough, I'll do another one on very easy just to fix that). Apart from those, I've received tips and suggestions on a trophy hunting group on Facebook, and on here as well. Since I'm about-ish to get started, I'd like to hear what you guys have to say about it.
  10. It's good that it isn't AS broken as it was in VIII, but Cerberian Burst is the new Dino Throw imo, as in it's really the only skill worth using once you have it (except those for movement, like White Cat's Rapid Slide and Adol's Swift Raid)
  11. I had access to that district however, I used it as a shortcut in my walkthrough video.
  12. Nah, because I know where it was supposed to be, based on the Japanese version, but we'll see. The cultural heritage site is probably the easiest area to collect petals from anyway, so it isn't too bad. Besides, that would either be for the prison outskirts or the cemetery. The cultural heritage site is much further south. Edit: I double checked, just in case, but I did collect exactly 8 in Shantytown. Edit #2: Actually, you were on the right track. I did collect one too many in the Noble District, one of which actually belonged to the Cultural Heritage Site.
  13. I'm a tad bit furious because I accidentally collected a petal in the cultural heritage site, but still here's the rest. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlyFzU6YwGMXuDTeCqTp9CAFwDyenJcBn
  14. I've done half the locations. I'll probably be done with it today. I'll post the videos here before I post them anywhere else
  15. Im in the process of making some video guides for petals