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  1. Best Way To Get Dedicated Knight Complete 200 Event Trophy World Changing Complete 50 Event Trophy Eventing Complete 10 Event Trophy A Happening Complete 1 Event Trophy You must have at least 3 levels unlocked in that world You Need Drafting Table Level 1 - 10x Wood Logs 4x Copper Ore and 15 of each egg in event Step 1 Change Your Date And Time on your console to 15/04/... (the year doesn't matter) Step 2 Go to the level with the event it will be called Egg Hunt Step 3 Find and collect 15 of each egg Yellow, Green and Orange Step 4 With the Drafting Table level 1 craft a golden egg Step 5 Break the Drafting Table (do not wait until the golden egg is finished) Step 6 You will get your egg back and your drafting table back and it will say that you have completed the event Step 7 Change the year of your console in date and time only the year this time Step 8 Pick The event again it will be a new event now (If it is in the world you are in then you will have to quit the game) Step 9 Put the drafting table down and craft the golden egg and then break the drafting table you should get everything back and you will get the event done and this will count as two Step 10 Repeat Step 8 and 9 until you get all the trophies this will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes if your fast and you will lose nothing apart from time and being from bored
  2. Spam Bombs not tnt its faster then tnt
  3. Changing Your Time of your PS4/PS5 does work
  4. Go On The Ps4 Go in game Setting Press R1 3 Times and go down to transfer save data to cloud Go On The Ps5 Go in game Setting Press R1 3 Times and go down to transfer Cloud save to save data It is only ps4 to ps5 not the other way around You can use a ps4 copy on the ps5 it will be the same
  5. Just One Trophy is hard and maybe one more
  6. Hello Guys Just wanted to say this no longer works unless you haven't updated your game it has been fixed