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  1. Well, I'm in the same issue as you, but for me it's still showing up as available for purchase, nothing became free. I even tried refreshing my licenses from the PS4 but it didn't change anything. Anyone has another hint of what could the issue be?
  2. Well, that actually answered the question. So if I don't have time (or if I want to force things), I just sign out from the PSN and once I'm ready to sync again I go back to step 4. Thanks!
  3. What I mean is that I'm not sure to see what the steps would be and what "state" I'm in after I've done the sync of the trophies. Starting from step 9 (from the original post), if I want to go back to play other games, what would be the steps to do with the account and/or email trick?
  4. Hi! I'm new to this, but I've read the steps and plan on trying out the offline method. I'm only wondering about the steps in case you're doing a few platinums at a time... Say for example I download 10 games, and I finish three of them. So if I follow all the steps given previously and end up to the Trophies app to sync to my main account, those 3 games will sync and I will be at a point where the Trophies app is connected to my main account. Now I want to do some other games, how do I do this? Thanks in advance!
  5. And I can confirm you got them all (just compared to my game), sorry to hear you hit a bug! Keep that previous save file until there's hopefully a fix
  6. You're probably missing some classes that require 2+ classes at a certain level on the same character before being available. Check the class switching screen and if you see blacked out classes (not grey, those are unlocked and available), it means you are still missing those.
  7. From my experience (got the Open Book trophy but haven't finished the game yet), it's the only thing that could be missable, but if you do those optional dialogues as soon as they become available you will get the trophy at some point. I'm not sure if the Arena tournaments could be missed, but then again if you complete them when they become available, there's no worries there. And yeah, I also think it's a great game, I'm unable to put it down!
  8. Yeah you have to reach 60 after omega prestiging the others. If you're currently at 60 it won't work Edit : and by the way you can also omega prestige Spiderman, it's just that the purchase option is directly on the character when you access it from the roster
  9. Oh, right! You're leveling up your prestige, not starting back... Yeah, that makes sense... Guess I'll be working on Iceman once I've got my legendary to level 5... Thanks for clearing that up!
  10. That's what I think too, but since Super Team is "glitched" in the good way because of those Omega Prestige, I'm hoping someone tried it and could confirm
  11. Hi everyone! I haven't found anything about this, so here's a post that maybe someone can answer... I recently got the trophy for the five characters at 60 with the help of the Omega Prestige that you can now get "freely" on the store. That means they count as if you made it to level 60 with them once. Now considering this, will one of these heroes get me the There And Back Again trophy if I get them to 60? At the moment, the only character I prestiged is Daredevil, and I sure as hell will not be playing him again, so I'm trying to see if I could do it that way instead of prestiging Iceman twice... Hope someone has the answer...
  12. If anyone wants to help me out with the Swap Meet trophy, you can add me: ThaRaven403 And if by any chance someone has some painted or certified item they can depart from, I wouldn't be waiting on a random drop that's not happening!