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  1. I haven't got yo lvl 100 yet so at least i can grind that and the 4 player trophy while i wait
  2. Well that's annoying then
  3. I wonder if you'll need to get the dlc and pick up a collectable in that, or shoot a hand, though i think the hands are a separate trophy
  4. Good stuff.
  5. The patch was delayed (along with rhe 2nd dlc) because of Corona virus lockdown. It's due in May now From other people I've spoken to recently who got this trophy it seems NOT glitched if you collect all collectables entirely in co-op or entirely in solo, but if you mix (some in solo and some in co-op) the trophy will glitch
  6. So basically all the posts claiming definite answers are all coincidental and the trophy is infact just a massively buggy mess
  7. It makes sense but i've tried all that aswell, and still nothing, guess it will randomly pop sometime
  8. Tried that, made no difference
  9. I'm beginning to wonder if the latest update caused this to break, since nobody seems to be able to get it anymore
  10. The next DLC is due in April so that leaves 2 weeks, as there will be an update coming before it releases, my guess is that one will contain the fix for the hoarder trophy
  11. No need, i tweeted the devs and they said it will be fixed in an upcoming patch. A new patch released today but appears to have not included the fix, so i guess they were only made aware of it too close to the release of this update, so i suppose it'll be the next one
  12. I'm thinking the DLC has caused it to glitch, since it has more collectables and i've known other games do the same thing when dlc with more collectables gets released, kind of sucks to be honest Can't even move back to an earlier version because i have the game digitally
  13. Same and for the friend i co-oped it with, we got all the requirements and no trophy
  14. Kids these days, no patience to read...
  15. Perhaps go back and look at the date of this thread... one trophy and the plat were unobtainable back then
  16. How does that make sense... you getting it after me still makes me the third to get it...
  17. i became third person in the world to get this plat finally i am in the top 3 for something haha
  18. Supposedly the devs know about it and are promising a patch soon
  19. The soundtrack is 100% the exact same as it was on ps2, this is just the same game upscaled and given trophy support, everything else is the same On the subject of cheating though, i imagine you can probably just back up your save, go for the trophies like wanted levels and rankings with the tank, then quit, copy your other save back over and continue on?
  20. grrr this game got hard all of a sudden.... I don't know how to dress the mannequin (i'm assuming that's how i set a crime up?) with the clothes detailed in the security report and photo, i can't phone Stine because i can't use the phone without being spotted and beaten to death, and i don't know where you find out which of the aliases is for R. L. Stine... so i'm at a standstill now
  21. @newyearnewme thanks, i opened the door... got instantly killed by slappy, which reminds me, i've died in way more than 10 unique ways, yet don't have that trophy... i keep using the load function afterwards instead of retry, could that be why?
  22. Does anyone know how to tell which mannequin will kill you? I'm guessing i need to dress one up like the reported shoplifter but everytime i go to one it attacks me, yet i've picked up a mannequin before, but there seems to be no pattern over which one comes to life and kills you.. Also which sweets do you need to put in the bag in the sweet shop to make exactly 10 lbs?
  23. Thanks man, it worked a treat
  24. Yes, for "it came from the internet" make sure you have your cellphone charged up, and instead of giving the walkman with cassette to the middle ghost in the downstairs area, go to the computer in the office room upstairs, and when you search for music, and the game asks what to search for, "use" the cassette on the search box on the monitor, and then download the song to your ingame cellphone For "invaders from the big screen" before you evict Dahlia (the auntie, i think her name was Dahlia), refuse to give her a kiss, then apologise, then you'll tell her about school, then change the subject when the option comes up, and you'll tell her about your plans for the weekend (always refuse to drink the prune juice) Since i helped you with that i hope someone can help me, i've got into the master/parents bedroom, and got the gargoyle spit, and the only room left i can find with anything for me to do in is the room leading up to the loft/attic with the step ladder, i put that down, and pulled down the steps, but the wall keeps crushing me when i try entering the attic. Any ideas anyone?
  25. Exactly, everyone raves on about Thunderbirds and misses Captain Scarlet... Maybe just have Lego Gerry Anderson lol, include scarlet, t.birds, stingray, joe90 (yeah i know i know) dick spanner, space precinct etc