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  1. In my opinion, if you did the trophy requierements, you deserve the trophy. There are games like FFXV where you have to setup a custom server in order to play Comrades and it is allowed, I don't see why this shouldn't. Plus, this is awesome, bringing back to life dead games, kudos to them!
  2. Hello guys, I’m wondering if there’s someone willing to trade anything in order to let me unlock the relative trophy. I also need Thermal, Burnout or Nitrous Rocket Boost for “Don’t Look Back” and Ion Rocket Boost or Halo Topper for “Metaverse”. These two trophies are an added bonus of course but I would be happy just with the trade trophy! My PSN ID is iDennis1992 EDIT as 06th sep 2021: Thanks to Francisco200400 I got the trophies and I have the items if someone need them. I also need Stocked (the one to own 150 items) if someone is willing to help me it would be appreciated, I can give the item for the other two trophies. EDIT as 12th sep 2021: I unlocked the trophies and I don't have the items anymore. Thanks for the help unlocking those trophies, catch you guys on to the next one!
  3. I tried everything to unlock the edition button without success, I think it's something related to their servers. I unlocked the trophies thanks to a real life friend who has the button. Basically I went to his house, downloaded my profile and we played together on his console in order to get the trophies. It worked, if someone has the button it can play the edition version with someone who hasnt. Not the best solution but if you can't manage to unlock the Button it could be a way to go.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm a trophy hunter from Italy! I always lurked this forum but I've finally made the decision to join the discussions! See you around!
  5. I really hope so, minecraft with ray tracing is amazing, I would love to play it.