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  1. Ok thanks again for all the replies I kinda have an image in my head how this should look like, so thats a good start. And since NG3 is not per se a bad game, just much worse than the 2 orevious games i will probably start with it. And its a new challange so it should be fun (proceed to cry a river after a couple hours😭) Thanks again and Cheers
  2. Ok thanks for a quick answer. Is the game overall more difficult because the enemies are more complex and people get too annoyed and dont learn their patterns or are there some bs attacks that can force you to ragequit? And is the 3rd part really that bad? As awful as DMC 2 or even worse and just unplayable?
  3. Hey everyone Since the whole collection is on sale right now and I am interested in buying it, I was just curious if someone could tell me how NG compares to DMC. I played every DMC game and platinumed most of them (DMC 4 didnt have a plat list when I played it back in the day ) and dabbled here and there with other Hack & Slash games, so the gameplay shouldnt be a huge problem, but you could say that I am a complete newbie in this franchise since I played only 1 game on Nintendo Ds. The best things to know would be how forgiving the games are when it comes to the platinum and how much harder (I guess from a quick overall look) they are compared to DMC. Thanks everyone in advance and Cheers
  4. I just got the trophy, I turned auto-aim on in chapter 4 and it didnt shoot, then i switched it off, but forgot to turn it on again during the radio shack section, and I didnt shoot there so you definitely dont need to shoot the roof. Also, if someone should mess up, you can always use the death rewind, I used it twice during the car section where Emma turns and kills Abi and the trophy still popped for me. And lastly, I wanted to kill Travis at the end so I didnt shoot Silas at first and this also doesnt void the trophy, if someone should be interested. Cheers
  5. Got 2/10, as a long Ratchet&Clank fan I really enjoyed the game and especially the graphics, but compared to the older games I think it was a little too short and had less content. Overall still a great game, hopefully they will make another one. Now for the last trophy and the platinum badge is mine! Cheers
  6. Finally got 10/10. Dmc 5 is a very good game with an insanly fun gameplay. Some levels were very annoying and difficult, but all in all it was manageable and very rewarding. Cheers
  7. Got 8/10, I didnt think I could be so amazed by an open world game after Witcher 3, but Elden Ring really hit the sweet spot and maybe even topped the list for me. An incredible game with so much amazing content, a beautiful world and a balanced gameplay. A must play game for probably every one out there. Cheers
  8. Got the 1/10, "Life is Strange: True Colors". It felt more like a movie than a game, a 1st for me; but the plot and characters were very enjoyable with a somewhat surprising twist.
  9. Halfway through, 5/10 changed to "The Sinking City". A very atmospheric and mysterious game, every Lovecraft fan will surely enjoy it. Cheers
  10. I think this was the one week where I had absolutely nothing to do, so bad luck for you. 😅 But I can give it a try 😉
  11. Ahhh, now that you said it, it is kinda obvious 😅.
  12. A random question, what do the numbers in () mean, besides the score? For example near me is the number 1.
  13. Changed AC Odyssey to Amnesia. As a quite big horror fan, I didnt expect this game to be that scary, I definitely need to try Outlast, since they are both similar. And congrats Yuber6969, I guess we will see each other in 2023! Cheers
  14. Got the Judgment platinum, I have to say, the story was quite well written with interesting twists, can only recommend. Now onto AC
  15. If you are inviting casual players, I would like to try it out. Sounds like a lot of fun and it would be interesting to compare myself to other players. Cheers