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  1. What do you do when you come back from time away from gaming? Start a variety of short but sweet games - or delve into something that requires more time?

    1. LukeTheGooner


      it depends on what I have in my backlog, but shorter games most of the time

    2. Lordguwa


      i took a break from gaming for a month after the seizure incident years ago. think i went and did some short games. it was caused by high heat.

    3. AK-1138


      ...What is an "away from gaming?"

  2. Back on Defiance until the shutdown - 50% of me glad I did to do some cleanup but the other 50% isn't as chuffed...

  3. Online trophies will be the death of me 🙃

  4. Hey! :wave:

    1. xxEliteCDxx


      Hello !! Thank you for following me ! :)

  5. Sent a request but I may have missed you.
  6. Just want to thank everyone in this thread, was struggling to get silver on all of the drifts but tapping square really does work wonders!
  7. Back to Spider-Man for the DLC. Just finished the first and it was enjoyable. Getting 100% before moving on to the next!

    1. Sifferino


      Unfortunately IMHO you have just finished the best one. The second one is mostly filler (also not a continuation of the first one or anything): uninteresting bad guy, poor story, more of the same. I didn’t even bother finishing it and decided I had enough: I didn’t even start the third episode...


      Having said that, I hope you’ll like them better than I did!

    2. AmbaLaBamba_x


      @Sifferino Really enjoyed the first and I'm starting to agree with you on the second. A lot of mindless brawling which I'm not a fan of but 100% is 100% so I'll just slog through it. If anything, I'm now hoping that the third is at least a slight improvement on this dismal second. Bah!

  8. Tempted to try and get a platinum for my 10,000th trophy. Thinking about GTAV but the slog from rank 64 to 100 online is going to be a long one!

  9. Titanfall 2 is :platinum: 170! Feels great to get that out of the way, now on to obtaining 100% in Overcooked 2 and then... well, I'm not sure.

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work! That speedrun trophy was pretty darn tough.

  10. Feel free to add me, just mention you're from PSNP minimum. AmbaLaBamba_x
  11. Well, it has been a while but due to bein furloughed for some time it looks like I'm back on the trophy train - really need to get through my backlog too. It's out of control! :jaymon:

    1. starcrunch061


      Too bad about the furlough. Glad you can find a positive in a negative, and welcome back to trophy hunting!

    2. AmbaLaBamba_x


      @starcrunch061 As long as I have money coming in I'll remain positive, it's when that dries up that things become an issue.


      Time to clear out my backlog and see if I can complete some games on my profile. Just got the platinum for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, so that's one down! 😃:platinum:

  12. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Don't Ruin The Moment
  13. 100% on Welcome Park finally!

    1. NERVergoproxy


      though its been over a year... congratulations! haha

  14. Welcome!