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    1. Earning trophies the legit way, not by boosting or cheating. I will gladly have you as a friend if you role this way.

    2. Loyal friends. RubyKnight is a prime example of one. (Seriously Ruby your name should be next to the definition of the word "Loyal" in the Dictionary.

    3. Reading Manga such as OnePiece.

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  1. Will it help if VPN is used?
  2. Then, your CD must be European for the DLC to work. You can know from which country your game is by looking at the side of the cover. I don't know how to though. You can always ask someone else about the region of your CD like the person who sold you the game.
  3. Question #2: Which region of Playstation store did you used to buy the Multiplayer Character Pack? Answer #2: United States or Europe or Asia or Other.
  4. Question #1 : Where did you bought Assassin's Creed Revelations? Answer #1: Playstation Store or a local store.
  5. Tommy, I can help you with this issue because I faced the same problem last month. I will ask you some questions and you will have to answer them honastly. Let me know if you are interested.