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  1. On the subject of the kills related trophies: During the Tech Dungeon, there's a cathode tube? looking enemy that will respawn any other enemy in the room that you kill. I got lucky by getting it in a room (with two other enemies) with a secret room below and some platforms on the side of the room I could roll over to and snipe enemies with the bow. If I accidentally hit the cathode guy, I could fall to the secret room then climb back up and he would have full health. I wish I would have saved video of it, but I forgot and had to quit the game (graphical errors caused the mobs to disappear). I also noticed that when I quit and came back to the game, I had to rack up the 1k kills again for the Tech kill trophy to pop. This makes me worry that the 10k kills is going to have to be done in one sitting. Here's another example, and how I actually got the trophy. The good thing about this room is the small blob dies in one hit, and you could leave the room at anytime should you need to clean out your inventory. 1k kills took ~40 minutes. If you're running the tech dungeon, look for similar rooms.
  2. I don't know if you guys have tried this, or if it will help anyone, but for the "Enthusiast" trophies I completed at least 10 runs to the third floor in one sitting. Didn't quit the game, didn't pause, just plowed thru them all. For some reason the Golem Dungeon took WAY more than 10, but everything else seemed fine. "Rage Against the Golems" does not need to be gotten before the the Golem boss (got it after final boss). I'm assuming the same for the other kill related trophies. As for "Really?!?", do it during the day. I could have sworn I read something in the game that hints at the birds leaving coins in the trees, so you could watch which tree they land on and then go ham on it. EDIT: Ok, it was in the manual that was given to kickstarter backers that said that. I know these trophy glitches are annoying (graphical glitches are pretty bad at times too), and the game seems to have a problem keeping track of stuff but all I really did was kept at it.
  3. I comepletely forget if I was or not. >_< Took some time but I ended up unlocking in solo. The 1CC trophy took the longest though, just came back to it today and got it on the 1st try. Yay, plat!
  4. Upon completeion of Veteran in co-op, I received the Vet trophy but failed to unlock Master difficulty. So while co-op does make the game easier, it seems like a Vet solo play is still required.