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  1. Is this glitch still possible?
  2. Can the console commands be used now the you can access it with keyboard?
  3. Any idea if it still works on the 1.06? I can't see this being high on their list to fix imo. I had the patched paused but fell asleep and console went into sleep and it still downloaded it even after turning all that off. Careful out there
  4. Any tips for them? Did you use the new set? The one that fires the torpedos has been tanning me :/
  5. Same thing has happened to me... What a pain in the arse, I did all the challenges and got all collectibles in my first run, just for the challenges to glitch when on mission select. Awesome!
  6. Not right now
  7. How strange. My stats carried over on both tabs
  8. The milestones section everything is locked still, think it just needs a trigger
  9. Yeah looking at the triumphs everything has carried over but it still says I'm level 1. Still searching for a game...
  10. I did the tutorial and checked my stats. All triumphs have carried over but I'm struggling to find a match. Fingers crossed
  11. So I messed up and didn't keep Damir in the squad. I know I can go back and get that single trophy, but once I've done that can I just got to the last chapter to get the full squad? Surely the fact I saved the others on this save still count?
  12. I wonder if this will get patched down the line. Some of the day one bugs are prominent in the PS4 version
  13. You have to manually use squad abilities. I set mine to defensive only and they're usually ready to go whenever I need them
  14. Does anyone know if Stasis and ai hacking have to actually hit an enemy? I've been using au hacking almost since the start of my game and still hasn't popped
  15. I went back to act 2 and I could enter the house, collecting the last item (watch) couldn't seem to find any info on what the last house encounter was so if anyway wants to know its that. Sun fragment spawned straight away in each biome after