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  1. Question there are missables trophies ? There are a NG + ? if yes what things we can carry ?
  2. ┬┤Thanks best way to level 99 is a golen in Bejeweled City, last area he is a tread as a boss and ever drop big crystal, this golen stay in the diamond room, abilities/st i used a guid i found on internet and fight thoses lullabuds on easy
  3. any tipis for Ardent AgriculturalistRaised every type of produce. ?
  4. what is the name of his encyclopedia ?
  5. yep you are good alex vanish in the last quest
  6. I had no problem on fights i crafted the excalibur 355 atk sword, Alex is in geo he sell mineral but after X event he will be gone during Elazul quest line Here is the itens for this sword, most you can buy on shop, dragon blood is the hard to get. you can use silver coin no problem glow and chaos crystal buy um luminera Forge Ishe 2H Sword with Ishe Platinum Glow Crystal x3 Dryad Coin x2 Glow Crystal x3 Aura Coin x2 Glow Crystal x3 Shade Coin x2 Glow Crystal x3 Wisp Coin x2 Glow Crystal x3 Undine Coin x2 Glow Crystal x3 Gnome Coin x2 Glow Crystal x3 Chaos Crystal x1 Salamander Coin x2 Glow Crystal x2 Chaos Crystal x1 Salanader Coin x1 Glow Crystal x3 Chaos Crystal x1 Jinn Coin x2 Glow Crystal x2 Chaos Crystal x1 Jinn Coin x1 Glow Crystal x2 Pine O'Clock x1 Little Eye x1 Dragon Blood x2 Dragon Breath x1 Dragon Blood x1 Holy Water x5 Dragon Breath x1 Giant's Horn x1 Also you will need something like 80k lucre you can craft wind cap and forge with 4 clear feather then you will make a cap that sell for 26k
  7. Some Abilities and Special Techniques have new names watch for it if following a old guide.
  8. 25 hours using the quests event guide, lot of things are missable due to "chat" with right NPC's and pick the right option, or go to right place. There are a 2 small grind, are there are a RNG grind, just like another manas. Im sure you will love this game too. Also there are a anime coming from this game it will be called Legend of mana tear drop, cant tell more because it will be spoiler of one side quest
  9. Yep will do this need to start a NG+ for Alex, deathbringer II, before this i will work on learn all weapons skills, questions what is the Master-at-Arms ?
  10. I missed thoses 2 and Alex entry, so alex turned into another person and might be dead on characters entry, do you know if there are another place alex is ?
  11. a fix for this when lil leaves you need to talk to bud the punk in the house if you have him therem then lil will back
  12. Great game focus on this, placament for your dungeons Missable Events/Failable Events https://legendofmana.info/walkthrough/events/
  13. I think it check by system save with game challenges
  14. What we need to know when import a platinum save PS4 version to PS5 version ? what carry on and what trophies we can mess ? my toughts: 1 - All content must be done again like, kill bosses, finish the game, do X or Y thing... 2 - Does mercenary SS keep ? so we just need to complete a run and plim plim ? 3 - Weapons and content carry ? so for the trophy just upgrade a randon weapon ? 4 - Collectible trophies will get messed because we already have it all collected ? what if we deleted the system save ? but if we do this we lost all another content like inf weapons etc.. ? or can we just check the photo on fridge to unlock the trophy ? 5 - Trophy list will get a little messed i think, what will be the auto pop trophies ?
  15. yes 13 and 14 looks missable after the fight i tried sniper it too no luck