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  1. What did you think about ME3's list?
  2. Please use the other trophy thoughts thread
  3. Anyone had the crashing problem? I have the crash error twice First is that one that Neighbor stuck on the fence and it literally crashed on me And the second one is when I was working on the Gold Apple trophy and I was waiting for the tree to grow and it crashed on me.
  4. Got both theme and avatars from RE Village. :3 Thanks
  5. Looks like a typical list for a Resident Evil game. This game had two stacks. See the other trophy thoughts thread Really excited to play that game. (Not on Day One). Also, I did played the demo version and I really enjoyed it.
  6. Dammit. Anyways, Looks like a very typical Resi list.
  7. Same here.
  8. I never been a fan of the original Hello Neighbor. I remember my little sister played that game on Xbox. What did you think about the trophy list?
  9. It was a very rough challenge to complete. One of the enemies attacked you very quickly and if you got hit, pause the game, quit, and restart the match from the beginning. This challenge really pissed me off.
  10. I've seen this game had on sale for $10. This is the chance to pick up the game for $10 if you're looking for an easy platinum. Before you start playing the Crawl N Brawl Mode, You need two controllers. If you don't have two controllers, you can use the exploit For this exploit, Hold down the PS button, Head to Power, Select "Switch User". Once you're switching user, Select "New User". When you're in the new user, Select "Play as a Guest". When the Sign In to PlayStation Network popped, select "Do Not Sign In". Go back to the game when you're in the lobby, Press so you have an another player joined the lobby. Also, you may control a second player. Looks like you're ready for the Crawl N Brawl Mode. Good luck getting the platinum.
  11. The sequel of Mom Hid My Game is here with a trophy list without a platinum. What did you think?
  12. Ready Set Heroes. This platinum requires complete the Tower Crawl Mode without a single death, defeat any boss without taking hit, and completing all challenges. Be careful, they are few problematic challenges such as Reaching a boss without a hit and Finish a brawl with 4 epic items. It is a fairly easy platinum and takes 20 hours to obtain it.
  13. The PS VR version of Star Wars Pinball had it's own trophy list. What did you think?
  14. This trophy gave me more trouble. I have 13k-14k points and got so close with the trophy. So annoying! 😤😤