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  1. Well, this looks like an easy and straightforward game for the platinum. It's based on the show on Nick Jr. and I never been a fan of the show itself but it looks alright. What did you guys think?
  2. Game reminds me of Left 4 Dead and it looks amazing. Have played the beta and I enjoyed it. What did you guys think about the list?
  3. I remember playing this back in the Xbox days and I had a lot of fun playing it. What did you guys think?
  4. Mechwarrior 5 came to Playstation? I'm very surprised. What did you guys think about the list?
  5. The Remastered version of Saints Row The Third is here. What are your thoughts about the PS5 version?
  6. Probably a 10/10 platinum difficulty because of one trophy glitched which was Jukebox Hero.
  7. Thoughts on the trophy list?
  8. You know what? I'll be waiting when I have a PS5 and then I might pick it up when goes on sale.
  9. Why not? Is it disappointing?
  10. Goddammit. Anyways, Anyone excited to play this?
  11. Like seriously, I can't stand this bullshit happen to Twitch. It's just a streaming app. I was watching a stream to get drops and some guy saying "what an loser". I mean, WTF..
  12. I just received a whisper from a toxic user and saying hurtful message while I was watching the game's twitch stream. It ruined the fun, It's just me.
  13. ReadySet Heroes is basically an another underrated game you will go and get the platinum. I did got the plat for that game and it took me 2-3 days. The platinum was fairly easy, but beware about the challenges that are very tricky.
  14. Another quick and easy 3 minute plat using text skip. Also, if getting the plat legit may take about 5 hours by using the Auto feature. What did you think?
  15. Please use the other trophy thoughts thread.