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  1. I’m just hoping we finally get a more interactive experience with the new gen console ‘d*ck pic for trophies’ ‘Boob flash for trophies’ Possibilities are endless. The ezpz devs are really missing a trick here. Sent countless emails. No one is answering me 😒
  2. It taught me that I’m really bad at jumping games and no matter how many times I play them I never get better. I’m aiming for the perfect run. Stop making fun of my goals and encourage my tenacity.
  3. I would just like to say that some of these games aren’t completely useless. The Jumping Brownie taught me that National Brownie day is on the 8th December. A very important fact that I’ve not picked up anywhere else in 34 years and will be partaking in every year from now. The Tiger T taught me that not only can Tigers punch, but it can kill you if they did. So I definitely need to stop inviting them boxing with me. The Bat D taught me the longest living bat is 41 years old. Without the Jumping Fries I wouldn’t know fries originated in Belgium. Who knew! The Dog K informed me that dogs have 3 eyelids. Gross. The Pigeon P taught me that pigeons saved thousands of human lives during world war 1 and 2. I hate them so much less now. and the list goes on. Jus sayin’. They’re not completely useless. One could say they’re even educational. For a pound I get some invaluable trivia in return. Who knows when that may prove fruitful. I could win a load of money in a pub quiz if I did quizzes or went to the pub. I might get an answer right on a television game show and be filled with satisfaction. Basically, I get trophies AND fun facts, the devs get some money to feed their kids/coke habit whatever so struggling to see the losers here? 🤷🏼‍♀️ oh wait.. the salty ‘good old days/Sony’s standards are slipping’ club AKA (I’m bitter about the leaderboards so concern myself with what everyone else is doing rather than focusing on my own shizzle and provide many-a convoluted spiels why ezpz’s are ruining humanity and we’re all gonna die, die I tell you! Club) they might be the losers I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️ Life will be much better when you stop getting so het up about things you aren’t going to change ✌🏼 And we won’t have to see anymore wah wah wah ❤️
  4. last trip I take down memory Lane without checking a guide 🤣 thanks!
  5. @FebuKev thanks so much for the detailed description. I’ll give it a go later on when I’m near the computer. I only have 3800 coins and need 9000 I think for both the bomber and the map. Taking forever to get coins. I’ll let you know if I get it working. And if I do I’ll buy another strike pad to make it go quicker ☺️
  6. @FebuKev I’m not doing it right I don’t think. I’m trying to get enough coins to unlock the plasma bomber at the minute, then I’ll try. On mine I lay bombs with O or is it different for Plasma bomber? I’ve tried to hold one of the paddles down to test it and it doesn’t repeatedly lay bombs. I don’t know whether it’s broken or it’s because I’m an imbecile 🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. Ok I’m really confused I read your previous posts about tying a rubber band around it. But if I keep the button continually pressed it doesn’t do anything? So confused. If you can explain before I send it back 🤣 maybe I’m doing it wrong. I haven’t got the gems for plasma bomber or critical path yet 😅
  8. @FebuKev I’ve set the buttons to X and O but I can’t get the turbo to work? Am I doing something wrong 😬 want to make sure it works before purchasing another. I’m trying on the home screen at minute while Bomberman downloading. Does it only work in game? @AJ_-_808 this has just made my life so much better. Usually I play my vita on the loading screens of other games but now I can play my PS4! Thankyou ☺️
  9. Why does Snoop Dogg use an umbrella? 

    For drizzle 



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    2. DrBloodmoney


      A woman walked into a bar and asked the bartender for a double entendre…

      …so the barman gave her one.

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      I showed up late to the cannibal barbecue

      They gave me the cold shoulder

    4. tonkie18


      I went to the zoo. The only animal they had was a dog! It was a shitzhu.

  10. Wouldn’t it be quicker and less hassle to get the tape measure and have a penis measuring contest? You’re proposing grading profiles? 🤣 because there isn’t enough judging around here already. I have a proposal.. everybody who needs that reassurance and ego boost should add a tag to their posts like this ‘I’m better than you’ ‘your profile is sh*t’ Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah all day long.
  11. @AJ_-_808 omg!!!!! How did I not know this 😰 thanks for letting me know that will make my life so much easier! Bit of a dumb question but how do I take one offline 🤣 do I sign out of PSN? Or stop internet connection? @FebuKev can bomberman be boosted offline? Or will I need it online to have two controllers? Or can I multiplayer with your method? I still need to unlock all the things you said as I’ve not finished the story. Better get to that today!
  12. @FebuKev Awesome I bought one that’s being delivered today. If I can make it work I’ll buy another one. Can I play the PS5 at the same time? If I start a game on my PS4 it logs me out of my PS5. Is there a fancy way I don’t know about? Cause that would be awesome!
  13. Strike pack ps4, Ps4 back button attachment for ps4 controller, ps4 strike pack Back Button Attachment/Turbo Function FPS/Customization Mapping Buttons/Audio Jack, Controller Paddles For PS4 Do you mean like this? This would be a much cheaper option and I could buy 2. I can download the game onto my PS4 and use that instead?
  14. oh wow thanks for all that info. It’s very helpful. When you say you bought turbo pads for your controllers is that something for your existing controllers or do you mean you bought turbo controllers? I was looking into them but they’re all pretty expensive! I really don’t fancy 200 hours running around - I’ve read it’s more than that? Im so clueless, I keep looking and don’t know what I’m buying. Would I have to play it on PS4 instead of PS5? and when you say I need 3333 hours is that just using one turbo? What is the 1666 hours for?
  15. @Taliesin_2943 it has an alien DLC 😍