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  1. Hi All :)

    Hopefully everyone is having a successful session of grinding / trophy pops 😁,

    My Current stats:

    Tales of Berseria: 65%

    Final Fantasy X: 62%
    Death Stranding: 35%.


    Was in a car accident which put me out of commission for a few days work wise, managed to grind TOB from 30% to 65%. Now just grinding grade >.>

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Berseria is honestly i think my fave Tales of game.... i joined the Tales saga too late with Graces F being my first after Destiny. So when i play Symphonia or even Vesperia(i vow to beat it tho), they seem ancient. I loved Xillia too. Zesteria... not too keen on.


      also i would look into time off work to recover. Especially if its a back issue. Even light duties can mess things up worse. You don't want that. Hope you make a full recovery 🙏

    3. jiichangmin


      how is tales of beseria trophy list? i did a basic playthrough of it in the past on my old psn profile and loved it but never attempted for trophies.

    4. Lavenza


      Yeah I agree, tbh I got way more into JRPG after finishing P4 Golden, P5 Royal and Nocturne on the ps2. So it's a nice change playing the tales games. Gives me xenoblade 2 vibes on switch which is awesome :)..


      Yeah I had a few days, I am back but just doing more of the high level support and no labour atm. Even that after about 5/6 hours you feel it. Can't exactly take more time off as I am a contractor. Thank you for your kindness also Infected Elite.


      Jii - Its not bad in my first playthrough completed 70% of the list, You really need NG+ for the level 200 Grind and 20 Mil Gald challenges. Also mystic arts if you missed them during the first playthrough.

  2. Slow week on the Plat goals, Managed to least plat one game this week. But damn FFX grind is real and slowly getting absorbed in Death Stranding.

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Progress is progress. Keep at it.

    2. Lavenza


      Indeed :) Thank you

  3. Just bought Death End Re:quest 2 Day on Edition on sale at my local game shop haha. I am waiting to get 1st one for cheap . Good Progress so far on your goal , I am trying to complete FFX / FFIX and I'm just lost in the grind ( so I started Tales of Berseria Logic)
  4. Yep that's the one :), her abilities you unlock over time during the playthrough.. you just feel sorry for the boss. Haha
  5. Yeah enjoy the story and going through first playthrough. When you unlock the mage equivalent, it makes the late game way easier to get the lvl 99 trophy
  6. Hit 20 Plat's over the weekend :D, slowly getting there. need more JRPG's :D 

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    2. Lavenza


      Thank you all. :) I am indeed looking for recommendations and glad I bought tales of berseria last week. I will give it a go after FFX :)

    3. eigen-space


      Berseria is absolutely my favorite Tales games. If you have a PS3, I wrote a nice guide for Tales of Graces as well... and Xillia on the PS3 is good too. For other series/games, I'd recommend Super Neptunia RPG, Valthirian Arc, the Atelier Series (Rorona on PS3 is the best, but the newer games for the PS4 are also good... also wrote a guide for one of them as well 😅), SaGa Frontier, Blue Reflection, Ni no Kuni, Trails of Cold Steel series, Earthlock.... tons of good stuff!

      There's also an RPG event going on right now so you could get some ideas from the games people are playing there!

    4. Lavenza


      Awesome mate, I am sure to check out your guide and ill sus what people up to with the rpg event:)

  7. haha I wish I could say they do.., I think there are 1 or 2, if you auto pilot with rotating attacks and abilities they can kill you actually pretty quick if you are not paying attention. Depends also how quickly you farm sentiments and combine to make better gear as well.
  8. Possibly? I can't recall tbh haha. What I can tell you there are points you gonna have to go to the same level / area at least 3 times to collect the remnant's memoirs from bosses. Then some are random rare spawns in areas. Yeah that happens too haha, auto pilot fighting and using the resources. Than get to a boss and be like aww shiet.
  9. Wait till you have to collect all the Memoirs.... I just recently platted and found that / getting to level 99 to be a bit of a snore due to the combat system, but damn the story was enjoyable