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  1. The trophy guide for the PS4 version works perfectly, especially for collectibles. You just have to pay attention to missable trophies to get everything in one play through: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/7173-observer-trophy-guide
  2. Originally I thought they did but I do not believe they do. (Im not sure) I think they might only count in the MP modes against at least bots. Do not quote me on this though
  3. Platinum is a 1/10 difficulty and can be done in 6-10 hours with 3 playthroughs. The game is awesome too, and I HIGHLY recommend it
  4. I did not encounter anything like this after doing the PS5 versions x3. Only bugs ive encountered were doors not opening, node barriers not opening, and me having to reload the checkpoint. Hopefully you get your trophy
  5. Its also not even rare on steam. While my opinion on estimated time could be iffy by 5 or so hours depending on how efficient you are, my opinion on difficulty stands. It could just be that ive played the game for 200+ hours, but I did the wave 50 achievement on my first run with no knowledge to the game with 1 real person and 2 AI partners. The only one who ever died was the AI. If you want, i can buy the PS4 version and help you
  6. Which would mean over 10 of them already got the trophies mate. Pretty good odds
  7. Not easy at all? Its extremely easy. Both trophies you mentioned are damn near at 40% achieved as well so maybe youre just not good at the game. I also stated above that the Horde Mode is easy, but will still take an hour at the least to do. We are also entitled to different opinions, and clearly our do not agree with each other here
  8. Never understood how / why people thought this trophy was so difficult to the point where there have been countless forums and lengthy elaborate posts such as this one. Kudos to you for taking the time to write this, but idk😅 trophy/achievement took a couple trys sure, but maybe less than 5 minutes worth
  9. If you play free for all against bots, you can get 100 kills in like 10-15 mins
  10. What exactly is the game? I saw it on the PSN store thinking it was gonna be another $20-$25 game and was shocked to see the $60-$70 price tag. As far as the trophies go, they look like they can be challenging depending on how hard it is to complete levels without losing mechs.
  11. I do not believe so
  12. The only trophy in the game that is more “boring” than anything because it is easy solo or with teammates, it just takes at least an hour to get there. The waves are easy, they just get longer. (Similar to COD Zombies) but instead of them really getting more difficult, they just add more zombies to the mix. Id say the difficulty spike stops once you get past wave 10-15 as far as new zombies go. You can even play with 3 AI Teammates. Its a trophy that an inexperienced player can get on their first go, it just makes it more fun with other people. Having more people does NOT add any more zombies either. It is the same amount solo or not
  13. So I have this game on steam, and only bought it because it was on sale. To my surprise it was quite fun and borderline addicting. I was able to get the 100% there very quickly, and thats because of one reason. All of the trophies can be earned in private matches against bots. The 2 trophies for score can be earned in a 10 minute match of the zombie horde mode, and all of the kill related trophies will take a couple matches against easy bots. Platinum Difficulty: 2/10 Time to platinum: 15 hours The game is actually really fun, especially if you want something for the kids to play.
  14. How is it bugged? Thats literally his Electroconvulsive attack, and how its meant to work
  15. Who cares what it looks like, all he needs is a tad of cable management. You act like its trash, and his consoles are on the floor. They are displayed on his TV stand perfectly fine. You really clean your console daily? I call BS