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  1. I don't know about other Demons but yeah the basic units on my Level 45 War Lord are a massive problem for the survivors! Mainly when I physically possess the unit. I've put all my points into increasing the damage they do alongside increasing their health and also have it so they gain health when dealing damage to survivors so if I fully level up Possession and the Basic Portal then almost no survivor can take on my basic unit in a 1v1 situation. Demon is very hard to beat when fully upgraded and played right, I can definitely see them getting nerfed in the future.
  2. It's definitely still possible, as a level 45 War Lord I'm winning games with just my basic units alone most times. I would recommend fully leveling a demon up first because that's when they become a real threat. I've crafted my build to fully empower the basic units, so the first thing I do at the start of a match is place traps until i can unlock the basic portal and the first possession upgrade. Then I look for the survivors and just keep spawning and possessing the basic units and eventually you will break them down. You want to pick your target's, tunnel vision on the healer class if need be. You basically just have to keep bullying the same person until they don't have enough items to survive. You would be surprised to find out how durable and strong the basic units can be!
  3. I've been clearing my way through the missions being mindful of the missable ones and just reached "Grand Theft Aero" mission from Donald Love but I haven't yet done "Two Faced Tanner" so i reload my save and I don't have anymore missions from Asuka? Is this a bug or have I done something wrong? I've done absolutely everything else and just need to beat the game for 100% so I'm not going to be pleased if this is glitched! ☚ī¸
  4. Managed to pull this off the other day, some advice I would give is take your time with each of the 15 Trials before attempting Trial 16, take each one slow and learn your own comfortable route that you can consistently do then move on to the next trial. Then when you attempt Trial 16 and you get to a section that's giving you problems, practice it over and over until you get it down. I found consistent strategies that worked almost everytime for me in each stage but watching some of the speed run videos online done more harm than good sometimes because you don't have to take as many risks.
  5. Finally got the Plat in this, downgraded to patch 1.09 and zero issues unlocking the rest of the trophies. 👍đŸģ
  6. The trophies for this are unfortunately very glitchy, I had at least 3 trophies glitch and I even made sure to play the whole game as a single character! I waited nearly a year to play this because I hoped it would all be fixed up but I just got the Platinum a couple of days ago and it's still a glitchy mess even now. What I would recommend trying is uploading the save to the Ubisoft Cloud in game (Not Playstation Plus cloud) then go into your Playstation settings and delete the save file, now go back into the game and download the save again then load it up and maybe the trophy will pop, this popped the Paste Up trophy for me so maybe it could work for others also.
  7. Took me about 30 hours to get the Platinum and I started two weeks ago, says 34 hours on my profile but there was lots of times where I left it idle. Got pretty lucky with RNG on the survey trophies and didin't have to run any Biome more than 10 times. Completing the game can be challenging but imo the pacing of the challenge is perfect and your skill improves the further you get. Either way highly recommend, fantastic game and easily my GOTY so far!
  8. Honestly found them all pretty easy, Castle 2 and Factory 2 are the only ones I didn't get first try. Castle 2 is more about Survival than it is about to keeping the combo going, I messed up loads but the last area was basically me just getting over the S rank requirement and leaving. Factory 2 actually has more room for error than you think, I had a fantastic run in the first area but had a massive blunder in the second where I purchased tons of grenade launcher ammo but forgot to purchase the launcher itself... I barely had any pistol ammo so I sold all the grenades and bought as many pipe bombs as I could and I just killed until I ran out of ammo then left and got the S rank still. With the launcher it would have been a cake walk! Stick with it, learn the patterns and you will get it eventually. It just requires some effort to learn the enemy spawns and sometimes a bit of luck to get good perks but even those aren't essential and the only one I really liked getting was the one that extends the clip size. Good luck, you can do it.
  9. I've had two controllers since November and both have been perfect, hopefully that continues... I did have Drift on a few DS4's including the one that came with my Death Stranding PS4 Pro out of the box.
  10. Finally got my Platinum after struggling with "Instant Service" for about 12 hours! All in all it isn't a very difficult Platinum but does require some patience and dumb luck for some trophies.
  11. Won't get the chance to try until tomorrow, hoping it's changed because I've spent over 10 hours on Instant Service and I've given up for now. Edit: Managed to squeeze in a game just there, attached the drones to 5 different people and no trophy so it doesn't appear to be changed. 👎
  12. Interesting, UK here so you would think it would be the same.
  13. Been grinding out trying to get the Instant Service trophy and just noticed that the description now reads "Attach drones to 3 rivals with the Boxmobile in an online match" and no longer has any mention of it being in one activation. I've attached 6 drones in one match and no trophy so it's not currently working like that but maybe it's something they are changing with the next patch perhaps? Party Animal has also been changed to a match and not a single activation potentially.