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  1. Or you can just hit the fleshy part of his left knee, he goes down in about 3 minutes or so that way.
  2. It will always be in the same blue room, I got mine near the end of the level on one of my first few runs
  3. I have no idea what you are actually asking.
  4. Insanity is more like a normal in many other games, so it's really not a struggle to start with.
  5. Most people will get this
  6. 2 or 3 mins if you hit the flash patch on this left knee
  7. The whole game is easy on insanity lol
  8. If you kept pulling them out, that is probably why it started drifting.
  9. You literally just told them that it is bad by telling us not to lol.
  10. It it's doing things when not playing the game then that's an issue with your PS5 and not the game. I have had 1 crash in about 50 runs, not bad at all.
  11. It's pretty straight forward to do inanity from the start, just take your time.
  12. Each have different skill levels, you might find something hard that I find easy, I might find something hard that you find easy. Your opinion isn't fact.
  13. Get used to control and mechanics and it is a 2/10 to finish, especially if you get a half decent gun.
  14. It's easy enough anyway
  15. Her voice annoys me lol