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  1. Upgrade is for purchased copies, not PSplus
  2. You keep repeating the same question... just wait.
  3. Not quite as bad as that but it is a little sluggish.
  4. Stamps just means win the races
  5. You don't need to pass your data over, simply press start on the game in the home screen and select chose version, then select the PS4 version, or PS5, whichever you are looking to autopop.
  6. Still a load of crap, end of army bit on insane mode and then game crash, corrupted save, all progress lost.
  7. It is what it is, this is the same thing we have heard 1000 times and nothing will change. Just need to keep plugging away
  8. I don't think any are bugged to be fair
  9. Felt fine to me
  10. They messed up and uploaded the full game instead of trial version, it wasn't meant to give them as a trial.
  11. Yes, it works the same way.
  12. You can save everything seperate if you want, only need to load the completion save, doesn't matter where it is, if you didn't save, then just load another save near the end and complete it again.
  13. 8v8 is still there.
  14. For normal playlists 10
  15. People have more than just 2 if you look at the PSN percentage.