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  1. Yeah, anyone can write anything. Powerpyx isn't some kind of god that gets everything right 100% of the time. The developers recommend it, they would have tested it.
  2. It causes no issues and is even recommended to you in game as a way to have a break.
  3. I have died once
  4. There is no act 3, at least not like the other 2. It consists of finding 6 items and fighting the last boss again.
  5. I'm using them and no crashes
  6. Fun so far, not too challenging but still decent, got the first two bosses killed first time, now game currently suspended in third level.
  7. Good job there was a control point every 10m.
  8. Yeah
  9. Does it really matter?
  10. I believe it will be in one run with the 3 continues that you get. So far not played much, just the first 3 levels, but once you learnt hem they should be easy enough to do without dieing, will play the next 4 levels at some point and work it out. Think the only really hard one will be the hardcore, as one hit is death.
  11. You can get it on PS4 already anyway, so not missing out.
  12. I made the decision to still buy it.
  13. I don't know the details, I just know that Sony states that the system works differently.
  14. The trophy system differs on the PS5 to the other platforms, so the info on PS5 trophies are not available on them.
  15. I think you are more confused as I never said that lol
  16. I don't have any of those issues, I was talking about me, not anyone else.
  17. I meant that the PS3 doesn't run games at 1080p, it runs at 720p.
  18. Need to save at an alter which is annoying, luckily there are a lot of them
  19. Nice, but only stream PS3 games so most will be 720p anyway
  20. No
  21. If you enable it in the options then yes
  22. Not had any issues myself, once had to wait about 60 seconds to log in but that's it
  23. Worth it and not worth it, worth it if you enjoy it, if you are hating every minute of a game then not worth it.
  24. Yeah, just the majority of your message is wrong and may mislead people, so just had to reiterate
  25. It's not RNG, it follows the same order when starting the game.