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  1. Plenty of games give you.both ps4 and ps5 version even if you buy the ps5 version, can download both versions.
  2. The bonus round is easier than the one before, it's just 4 buttons to remember which then repeat. Think people get flustered as it looks like 8 to remember.
  3. I found it pretty straight forward lol
  4. Was fun, plat was pretty easy but gameplay was decent.
  5. You need 2 move controllers
  6. Weird, maybe I am wrong then, doesn't reappear for me.
  7. It's a feature I think. 24 hours for non elite.
  8. The PS5 save structure is different to PS4, so it will need to convert it
  9. I went on Amazon a few days after it launched and bought it.
  10. They need to connect to the UCA not just the network.