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  1. 5 hours ago, BatCarlitos310 said:

    That's awesome! Thx so much for the fast reply1f601.png, in order to them to pop I should only need to pass the game data from one console to another right? 1f914.png, I'm so sorry if my questions are dumb but I'm pretty new to this 1f605.png

    You don't need to pass your data over, simply press start on the game in the home screen and select chose version, then select the PS4 version, or PS5, whichever you are looking to autopop.


  2. On 5/24/2021 at 4:43 PM, Sikutai said:


    That's not correct. The Free Trial Weekend with Dirt 5 for Playstation 4 gave a lot of us a free Platinum. The Beta for Bless Unleashed doomed Players with some Trophies.

    They messed up and uploaded the full game instead of trial version, it wasn't meant to give them as a trial.


  3. You can save everything seperate if you want, only need to load the completion save, doesn't matter where it is, if you didn't save, then just load another save near the end and complete it again.




  4. 5 minutes ago, flo82stgt said:

    Sorry for asking, but why don't you just play the game? Or do you just want the Trophies?

    People use these tricks to ensure they get the trophies and can then play the game the way they want to without worrying about spamming certain skills.


  5. 14 minutes ago, SunDowner1 said:

    I had done in excess of 55+ quests and all I had left was planet scanning and mining collectibles. Figured I'd finish the game and then come back to my save file afterwards but the trophy popped for me on PS4 along with the ending trophies when I finished the game. It seemed very coincidental. Maybe finishing the main story missions is a requirement?

    Main missions count but there is not a requirement as to which mission. Different missions have different weighting though. If it unlocked at the end for you you most likely missed quite a few side missions.


  6. 49 minutes ago, Kasigrim said:

    Are challenge rooms confirmed to be part of the survey?

    My Echoing Ruins survey seems to be bugged and not sure if I did that challenge room or not.

    Yes, they are clearly marked on the cards.


  7. 16 minutes ago, Ara_Dax said:


    I currently have no activity cards showing, even though I have no survey trophies.

    Of the six activity cards, excluding B4 Echoing ruins (seen powerpyx card image) do they show gold containment room as a requirement? or just ciphers/logs and archives?

    Turn the console off and on (full off not just restore) and then load the game, they should be back



  8. Did you clear the challenge room or just try it? Also if you properly turn the PS5 off and then on, check if the card pops up.